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Forum : Scene News : VA PANGAEA – HADRA RECORDS – Compiled by JimSon (BE)

hadra [be]
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Hadra Records is proud to present the first compilation by their Belgian representative DJ JimSon

Immersed in the 60’s new age and psychedelic rock culture of his parents, Jim Morissens, aka JimSon unavoidably became an emissary of psytrance! However, many years of musical ground working through the blossoming of house music in Belgium, between hardcore and euro-trance, were necessary for JimSon to finally fall in love with psytrance at the end of the 90’s. Beyond the music, he also fell for the public, the sonorities and the atmosphere! JimSon played his first gig in 2006 under the umbrella of the GanjaTree Records. This was also the year he was introduced to Hadra and developed the idea of becoming their ambassador in Belgium. This became a reality when the first Hadra Label Party in Belgium, Elewijt, took place in 2009.
In 2010, JimSon finally integrated Hadra Records, a label he promotes with dedication, playing its catalog worldwide.

Way before mankind the Earth’s land formed one big continent. The world took its current shape about 250 million years ago.
In its eternal quest for survival, the human race developed different ways of living and thought patterns directly linked with its varying habitats.
These diversities in terms of mentality, culture and religion became the source of many conflicts.
Music has the power of unifying human beings as it triggers feelings easily recognizable within all of us. Through music, we become one.

1- Shotu – The Psychedelic Experience – W&P by David Marmin
2- Mr Peculiar – How’s Your Head – W&P by Dustin Bint
3- Atomic Pulse – Star Born – W&P by Tamir Ozana
4- Painkiller – Through The Brain – W&P by Roy Engel
5- Menog vs. Chromatone – Menotone – W&P by Daniel Bernando and Lawrence Hoffman
6- Artsense – Romp & Stomp – W&P by Vladislav Malkov
7- Lost & Found – Virtuoso – W&P by Gerhard Olivier
8- OCCY – Dead after Death – W&P by Mehdi Gaelan
9- LunaRoot – Maudits Artistes – W&P by Julien Humblot & Aulélien Boijols

Let’s re-unite in TRANCE!!!

Ref: HADCD23
Release date: 8 July 2011
W&P by Various Artists
Mastering by Silicon Sound
Distribution by Arabesque
Artwork by Jenn

More info on www.hadra.net
Contact & Booking >>> hadra@hadra.net