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Forum : NEWSLETTERS : July 2006

ZARk [be]
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Hello dear electrobel user,

As you might notice, this is the first time you receive a newsletter from us.

We thought it might be a good idea to start sending a newsletter to inform users that don't connect too often what is happening on the site.

#1) Electrobel parties of 15 and 18 July 2006
#2) Electrobel needs Moderators
#3) Electrobel needs Graphic Artists
#4) Electrobel needs help for .nl and .co.uk
#5) General information


#1) Electrobel parties of 15 and 18 July 2006

As some of you know, two nights in july will be ebel nights at the Rector in ghent during the Gentse Feesten.

15 July : House/Techno night.
Lineup :
* 101 Sonic
* Jokke
* Djerem
* FireFrog
* Sumic
* Komluv

and the 18th July : IDM Night

* Amorph
* Strekie
* Elkhor
* ZARk

>>> we still need more IDM artists to play live !!!
Contact zark asap if interested !!!
forum = Ebel 18 July Need Artists

#2) Electrobel needs Moderators

The moderators system is ready to be used. Now we are looking for users that want to give back to the community.

Basically the job consists of loging in at least once a day and checking out the moderators page. If any tracks are pending, you look that all info look correct (we have a series of guidelines you'll see), listen to the song.
If everything fits you authorize the song, otherwise you modify the genre or section, or you simply refuse the song.
Also we'd ask you to take a quick look to the new comments added to see if anything looks fishy ( little fight, or anonymous user abuse) and if necessary delete the comment or report the abuse.
It's very simple really, it takes a couple of minutes everyday. And you only moderate songs in the genres you ask for.
Moderators have power outside their assigned genres, and can moderate any part of the site almost. So if you can't moderate, or you can always ask someone to do that for you.
Furthermore it takes a big load of the webmaster (me), and it makes you part of the team :p

forum = over here

#3) Electrobel needs Graphic Artists

Indeed; we are looking for people who can draw 'icons'
Basically we'll be doing some new buttons and some icons for the my_World page and maybe others.
I looked in copylefted archives for icons etc... only problem is that you have to take icons from different artists, and therefore there is no continuity from one to the other .. so that sucks.
The artist who agrees to do that work for us will receive a small "thanks to xxx for icons" with a link to his website. on the icons page, and in the general thank you page.

#4) Electrobel needs help for .nl and .co.uk

As you all know, on 7th March 2006, for the 3rd birthday of electrobel.be we launched the portal in France, Holland and England.

As you might have noticed only the French portal is taking off, this is mainly because we have an admin in paris taking care of the promoting and the site management.

But for .nl and .co.uk we have no such person and the two sites are slowly dying.

So, whilst we find a local person trustworthy to take control of the portal, we are looking for an electrobel.be member that could take care of that .
The job is not easy, but is very rewarding.

It consists in :
* Finding members to join the portal
* Answering FAQ and mails
* Sending mails to magazines, websites
* Posting in forums, looking for artists and sending them emails
* Convincing members to join, and to tell their friends.

If you feel you are up to the job, report back to zark.

#5) General information

Other news :

* Electrobel Net-Label : http://label.electrobel.info