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Forum : NEWSLETTERS : November 2006

ZARk [be]
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* Ebel Events
* PassPort login
* Ebel Video
* Google Maps
* Mood
* Recommend This
* Podcasts / RSS

* Tips'n'tricks


* Ebel Events

Radio show

Tonight Electrobel Radio Show on Ombilikal Web radio !
Some tune’s of electrobel.fr artist
This show is presented by Surèdj (admin of electrobel.fr) and assembled by Kontest ( http://www.electrobel.fr/profile/203 )

Playlist on ombilikal.org forum HERE
You can leave a comment

Playlist on Electrobel.fr : HERE

You can listen and dl some tunes from playlist.
Tous les 15 jours retrouvez Electrobel radio show on Ombilikal web radio !

Stay tuned http://webradio.ombilikal.org/


14/12 - Electrobel @ Cafe Central

Last ebel event until 2007, be sure to show up, the lineup is being finished but it's gonna be madness i tell you !

Infos will be available on the forum, and on the EVENTS page : http://www.electrobel.be/events/


* PassPort login

Since a couple of months now, we have a feature called the "Passport login".

This feature allows you to have a special account on the other portals part of the electrobel network.
Basically with a .be account you can log in on electrobel.fr with that username and password, as long as you select the PASSPORT LOGIN method :)

The guest account will allow you to post comments, forum, wall, ... It will clearly be stated from which portal you are in, and clicking on your profile will show your profile from your original portal (with your songs etc....)

Since recently a 1-Click passport login method has been designed, and is available on the frontpage, (top left module).

1-click Passport Login

[ be ][ fr ][ nl ][ co.uk ]

in bold is your original portal, and clicking on the other country codes directly sends you over there and logs you with your passport account;
Great isn't it ?

If you register on another portal to post things, that account will be deleted.
Using the passport feature is the only way of posting and discussing on the other portals.


* Electrobel Video Beta

End of this summer, a new service was launched on ebel, after mp3 hosting, we now allow you to upload your video clips.

all info can be found here : http://www.electrobel.be/forum/0/2974,Videoz

Be sure to read it before posting a Video.


* Electrobel / Google Maps
My World \\ Contacts \\ Where are they [MAP]

To further enhance the feeling of community, and to play with modern gadgets, Google map/earth has been integrated into ebel.
You can now add your location into our database, allowing other users to see in which area you live in.
( Don't feel obliged to put your exact location, putting the street you live in, or the street next to it is more than enough. )

The map is only accessible for ebel members.

You can add yourself to the map by clicking on the "Add Myself" link.

Further down the line this will allow selecting members living around a certain location to send them booking propositions etc...
(Though this will be more used on the .FR portal, belgium not being too big).


My World \\ Contacts \\ People i met

To even further enhance the feeling of community, i have added a new module that i call IRL (In Real Life).
This module allows you to keep track of ebel members you have met in real life.
Yet again, this is a fun little gagdget.

To add someone to your IRL list, you can browse to that users's profile and click on the "I have met this person" button.
You then give the context in which you have met that person, and thats it.
The user in question will then receive a pm inviting him to 'verify' having met you. (Hey, we can all make mistakes or have doubts).


* Mood
(Mainpage, Online users module)

Little gadget ..... you tired ? happy ? angry ? have something meaninglessly usefull to say ?
click on the 'mood' link on your 'Online Users' box on the frontpage, and express yourself :)
The message will then appear when a user passes his mouse over your nickname.
(The message is saved and re-used when you login later until you change it)


* Recommend This
(Details of a song)

New little link, i'm making a button for it whilst you are reading this ...

Click on this link and the website will send and invitation to an email address inviting that person to come to listen to the particular song.

The feature is up and running, even though it's still very 'empty' in the invitation message.
(Thinking of making something nice with an image and explanation text...)

The feature is available to registered and non-registered users.


* Podcasts
(users profile)

Not real podcast, but a way to have your itunes (or other podcast program) to download automatically songs out of ebel and add them to your collection and ipod or other.

As of know, you can 'subscribe' to a user's songs or a users's favorite songs.

Example, if you subscribe to XXX's songs, your itunes will download every new song that user puts on electrobel (in the GENERAL section only).

if you subscribe to XXX's favorites, your itunes will download every new song that user puts in his electrobel favorites.

TO COME: 'dynamic' playlists, that can be updated and have a podcast stream.



Right now, you can have an RSS stream for the forum.

RSS Streams allow you to keep track of what is happening on a forum without being on that website.

Personally i use Google Desktop, which docks on the right side of my screen and shows me the rss streams of a couple of website;

More info on rss : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_%28file_format%29
(read the USAGE part, the rest is very technical)


* Tips'n'tricks

Whilst waiting for a Tip's and Tricks section on ebel, here are a couple of tips and tricks ;)

1/ putting an ebel player on your personal webpage (other than users.electrobel.be)

two parts

<script type="text/javascript">
country = "be";
songs = "1;3;5";

This can be put anywhere on the page (as long as it's before the second part) and defines what the player should load.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.electrobel.be/js/player.js"></script>

This actually put the player where you put this line.

The player will take 100% of the space you give it, so be sure to contain it in a div or a table.


<script type="text/javascript">
country = "be";
songs = "1;3;5";

<table width="600" height="250" border=0><tr><td>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.electrobel.be/js/player.js"></script>

Will create a player of 600 pixel large by 250 pixel high with the songs 1, 3 and 5 from the .be portal.

the aspect ratio of the player is 12:5 so if you want it smaller (or bigger), try to keep the ratio.

The advantage with this code, is that it will take the latest version of the code from the server.

2/ Customizing myspace ... getting rid of their player and putting an ebel player

Delete all yours songs on myspace (their player will then not appear).
if you still want to keep it, make sure to take off the auto-start option.

Then to add the ebel player, add this code in your myspace profile

width=500 height=250
align="center" quality="high"

Sorry for the code being so unfriendly at the moment, if many users wish to use this feature, i can make some kind of script that will generate the code for you.
You'll have to customize the code so that the player displays the songs you want.
you'll have to replace 1;3;5 by the songs you wish to display on the player.

(if you are from another portal, FR, CO.UK, NL, make sure you replace the two 'be' with your country_code)

3/ So much more.

There are so many small features on ebel.
customizing your frontpage, changing colors, having your own private webpage (users.electrobel.be/username), etc....

Look around the menus, if you're not sure of something, come ask on the wall, we all friendly people :)