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Forum : NEWSLETTERS : June 2007

ZARk [be]
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Welcome to the June 2007 Newsletter

Yes, it's been a very long while since a newsletter has been sent out. Regarding this issue, i'm looking for an "Editor", basically someone to write the newsletter every month with the content i give him. Please contact me at info@electrobel.be

It seems like an easy task, but i don't always have the time to get around doing it, and i keep postponing to include info on the lastest feature i'm making. But this will be over,
starting in June, every first week of the month you will receive a newsletter filled with good information :)

New Features

* Email Verifier
Because of trouble with emails and spam filters, and people not updating their emails, we've installed a periodic email checking routine.

You will soon all receive an email in your email box with a verification code. This verification is not your account password !, it's a code you will have to type on the ebel frontpage.

more info : www.electrobel.be/forum/6/3985,0,0


* Every 90 days you get a new code
* You have 5 days to type it, after that you HAVE to type the code to access the site
* You can easily generate a new code
* You can easily have the email sent again
* I don't want to do this, but now you are sure people receive emails (and so, PM notifications, newsletters,etc...)
* email config help

* Lost Password
We finally made a lost password procedure. No need to send an email anymore, no more shame, no more delays. We have an automated lost password procedure.

* New Tshirts
We have some nice shirts, and they kick some ass. + This time, we have models for the girls !
Keep ebel free, get a tshirt (and send us a picture of you wearing it ! )

more info: www.electrobel.be/forum/6/3835,New_T_Shirts,0
ordering is done thru the eshop (link in menu). All prices are shipping included. We accept paypal and bank transfer.

* New Logo
The old logo is gone. Instead we have a new logo (which looks like the old one), but in a more "modern look". Also the interface colours have slightly changed.
Please do not use the old logo anymore, we are currently looking for people to make some new banners with the new logos.
( logos are available at : static.electrobel.net/promo/ )


Thanks to our member Grig, we have a new partnership with two design schools here in belgium.
Students that make their end-of-year animations need music. But using copyrighted music is a problem, as most of these animations will be played during festivals, tv, etc...
Therefore Grig has kindly directed these lost students to Electrobel.be where they post requests in our forum for music for their animation.

Be sure to check them out:

* Aphex twin like music
* Adam & Eve
* Cypress Hill like music
* Hans Zimmer like music
* Spooky Ambience music
* The Traveller
*Magical style

The are counting on us, don't let them down :)
There's enough different music styles to motivate most ebel users. now get in your studios and make some music :)

Future Events

* 22/23 June : Ventilot

Fetes de la musique @ mons.

S-cape (01h30-02h30) @ MainStage, Friday 22 June

Distreality and D-Brane (00h30-02h) @ Auditorium, Saturday 23 June.
Check events page for more info www.electrobel.be/events

* 29th June : Accro.be / Electrobel

Check events page for more info www.electrobel.be/events


D-Brane - Shut the blinders Pull the curtains

winning most of electrobel.be's competitions, d-brane is releasing his
first netrelease on our netlabel. Be sure to check him out live at
Ventilot (check events)