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Forum : NEWSLETTERS : July 2007

ZARk [be]
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1) Distreality as new editor of the ebel newsletter
2) Electrobel blog on Netlabelism
3) Remix an ebel artist
4) Interview an ebel artist
5) Album releases
6) Requests ...
7) Tshirts
8) Electrobel Events in July

1/ New Editor
We start this months newsletter with the introduction of Distreality as new editor of the newsletter.
Starting with this months edition, I will write the newsletter from now on, in cooperation with Zark.
So you can all keep me informed concerning Electrobel events that you are aware of. ( gigs,cd releases,....)
We will try to promote every event including Electrobel artists, VJ crews and so on.
The intention is to make it more interactive in the sense that all of you can give suggestions on things you think are relevant for the newsletter.....

2/ ebel blogged on NetLabelism
As some of you allready know I also have a blog on the Netlabelism website, a blog specially created to talk about all things electrobel, a bit like this newsletter, but then for the ‘ outside world ‘.
The first blog is allready online, the second one will follow this newsletter in a few days.
For this you can also contact me for things you think are relevant.
This is a unique opportunity to spread the Electrobel virus and get more attention to our beloved community, let’s work on that together.....

3/ Remix ebel
Recently the remix section on Electrobel was cleaned and remixes containing copyrighted materials are no longer allowed from now on, as announced on the forum....
To build up a new, copyright-free remix section we believe it would be interesting to launch the idea of remixing other Electrobel artists.
Within days a thread will be created where this will be discussed some more and where you guys can write down if you want to be remixed or remix yourself.
This is interesting because like this we get a remix section that is completely legal, and it gives us all the opportunity to hear what other people do with our music, and to give our own impression of other peoples tracks.....
Also like this people can get to know tracks they didn’t hear before and artists they didn’t really know before, broadening our musical horizons....

4/ Interview an artist
Another thing we would like to do is pump new life in the interview concept...
In the past this idea was launched and some people allready got started, like Reaman and did some interviews.
You can find them here.
Unfortunately it kinda got forgotten and is runing at a low pace lately....
A thread will be created shortly after this newsletter explaining the idea and giving you all the chance to say wheter you are open to be interviewed or feel you could do an interesting interview yourself.
This will give us all the chance to get to know other Ebel artists in a more profound way, lets get busy friends !!!

5) Album Releases

* Electrobel.it released it's first compilation on the ebel netlabel.
A mixed cd ranging from electro-house to trance.
It's online now, and available only on Electrobel Netlabel : label.electrobel.info/rel/5.en

* Our fellow artist Despoilah just released his first internet release on KAPOTTE RADIO RECORDS....
It’s a full album entitled ‘ Pleasure and Pain ‘
An energetic album, in real Despo – style, meaning hard beats, hypnotising rhytms with a sauce of distortion, but still with room for some sensitive input....
get it here : www.electrobel.be/forum/2/4233,Pain_and_Pleasure_internet_release_,0

6/ Requests / Looking for ....

There are no new Requests for the month of June. But some previous requests have not been fullfilled, so go check out the forum, maybe there's something that'll interest you.

link : www.electrobel.be/forum/9

7) Tshirts

We've got some cool skull tshirts on sale, small medium large xlarge, and small and medium for the girlz too :p
They look cool, and show your support towards electrobel :)

If you already bought an ebel tshirt, could you send a picture of yourself wearing it, so we can create a nice gallery ? We've sold around 200 tshirts since ebel was launched, in 200, let's see some of those happy faces ^^ you can send a picture to info@electrobel.be

Ebel e-shop : www.electrobel.be/eshop_detail.php?view=2
You can pay by bank transfer or paypal, and delivery is free !

8) Events

Last but definitely not least we have 2 upcoming events including Ebel musicians this month....

* The first event will take place on July 14th at JOC Rabot ( Minus One ) in Gent.....
It’s the opening night of the Comedy Festival and the line up includes Zool, Scaldis and Strekie, with visuals by NarcoMediaVision.

* The second one is on July 28th at Gouverneurshuis Antwerp, a place called ‘ the Castle ‘.
It’s a benefit party to keep that location alive, it includes Dustrickx and BAMBAMBAM....


That’s it for this months newsletter, hope you enjoyed it and found some interesting things inside.....

End of transmisson.....