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Forum : NEWSLETTERS : September 2007

ZARk [be]
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1) Introduction
2) The Story of your Nickname
3) Newsletter goes interactive
4) Interviews
5) Releases

1) Introduction

Well, as you noticed, the newsletter is a bit late in the month.This is due to lots of work, holidays, and working out new concepts.
Unfortunately most the september events couldn’t be covered this month.
You can expect the next editions to arrive early in the month, so that we can cover all upcoming events and stuff.
We’d like to remind you that you can allways send some information over that you consider to be relevant.

2) The story of your nickname

Some of you may have seen a funny thread created some time ago, with the name ‘ The story of your Nickname ‘.
There you can tell us how you got to choose your artist – name, what was your inspiration, what’s the meaning behind it,....
It’s a very interesting thread that sheds some light on them mysterious electrobel artists.

3) Newsletter Interactive

It was allready said that everybody can gather interesting info that should get some attention in the newsletter.
The response uptill now was rather low.
To make it more interactive Zark created a mailadress specially for the newsletter.
All topics, like gigs, announcements , releases,... can be mailed to that adress, it will get to Distreality’s mailbox and then we can cover it.
Like that it’s easier to get a complete newsletter without it being a 1 man show.
We try to cover as much as possible, but it’s impossible to get it all without some help from all of you !

4) Interviews

The first 2 interviews are online !
Reaman interviewed Distreality and Mik.
You can find them here.
You can also acces all interviews, by clicking on ‘ Library ‘ and the click on the interview section.
For next month we will have Rabauw and Gozno interrogated...
Be sure to check them interviews, and get to know your fellow electrobel members a little better.

5) Releases

And off course we can announce some releases from electrobel artists again...

First of it’s the new release from Degiheugi.
A full album entitled ‘ Only after the Show ‘ is available on his website, get it now !


Secondly we have a new release from Amorph on Boltfish records...
The album covers various styles including downbeat, electro, upbeat, it’s a
sensitive piece of work, worthwile the listen for sure ! Get it !

Finally there is a 3 track release from ero, ‘ Deep Reconnaissance Remixed Vol.1 ‘
It can be found on beatport.... Go and support your local artist.

6/ Events

Lot's of nice things this end of septembre, for starters :

Saturday 22 : Backyard event @ cherubcatkin's place.
A cozy event, to be amongst friends. For those who missed the Amastic Festival in August, this is another shot at a friendly event :)
more info on www.electrobel.be/agenda

The Mekitburn Festival on 28 & 29 September, which will feature a couple of electrobel artists, thanks to Jemenfish.

And watch out for the new "Taking back mondays" free events starting on Monday 01/10 at KultuurKafé
more info on : www.jemenfish.be/takingbackmondays

Don’t forget people, there are still some great Electrobel T-shirts available in the
ebel – shop, get them and support our community, like that we can keep it free !
We thank you in advance !

End of transmission.....