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Forum : NEWSLETTERS : Novembre 2007

ZARk [be]
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1) Introduction
2) Get involved
3) Dark Contest Compilation
4) Electrobel Groove Contest
5) T-shirts
6) Silent Block Radio Sessions
7) Events

1) Introduction

This months edition covers a variety of topics ranging from ebel related events to a call upon everyone to support Electrobel ....

2) Get involved
We would ike to remind all ebellers that there is a mailadress : newsletter@electrobel.be where everyone can mail interesting things that should get some attention in the newsletter.
Up until now feedback has been rather low.
The mails will get directed to Distreality’s personal mailbox, and it can get covered.

So please make use of this option if you have some news.

3) Dark Contest Compilation
As you might know allready, the Dark Contest Compilation cd is finally available !!!

A lot of work and effort was put into this project and the result is well worth to be seen .

The compilation contains tracks from Distreality & Gin Moore / Aphone / D–brane / Absinth / quioui / Reaman / Manta / rf061992 / PlanetsCitizens / Kolf / Mannmaschine / Falcon 030 and Dark Contest winner S – cape.

Support your local artists and get this fine musical piece of art for the democratic price of 5 euros + 2 euros for shipment .

You can order your copy here : www.electrobel.be/dcc

4) Electrobel Groove Contest
After the Dark Contest comes the Groove Contest.
The concept of this new contest is Groove.

Groove in the biggest meaning of the word, it’s about what gets you on the dancefloor, what makes you tick, what kind of music really gets you going?

Participants have to create a track that represents Groove at its best...

There are no genre – limitations whatsoever, if you think it has groove, submit it for the contest.

Important notice : You have to create a new track for the contest, no tracks are allowed that are allready online.

Furthermore no copyrighted materials are allowed, tracks that contain copyrighted materials will not be allowed to participate ...

Read all about it here : www.electrobel.be/forum/2/4609,Electrobel_Groove_Contest,last,0

If enough Dark Contest Compilation cd’s are sold, a new compilation will be produced with the best tracks from the Groove Contest.

So get busy and don’t forget to buy your copy of the Dark Contest Compilation !

5) T-shirts
There are still some cool Electrobel t-shirts available, so everybody rush to the e-shop and get yours quickly !

Not only will you look extremely cool in these shirts, you will be contributing to keeping Electrobel the free haven it is now !

6) Silent Block Radio Sessions
Here’s the agenda for the November edition of the Silent Block radio sessions.

For those who don’t know, the Silent Block studio’s are managed by our very own Brandtkalk.
SilentBlock Studio is always looking for new acts to play on the air. If you would like to give it a go, contact Brandtkalk
The agenda looks as follows :

4 novembre 20h to 22h [/b]

martel en tête show

fuel in sekt


me cago en dios

11 novembre



18 novembre

muffin and juliette dj set


pneumatik head compressor


7) Agenda
And here we are for the upcoming events :

-> First there is a party at The Frontline / ‘t Steegske in Gent ( Overpoort ) on November 2 , including Apoka / Wanbushi and Dustrickx

-> One day later we have the Electronic War event on November 3rd in Virton.
It’s a D&B, Raggajungle , Electro – Dubstep event involving our very own Dialekte.
Read more here : www.electrobel.be/forum/2/4630,electronic_war,0

-> The same day there’s korfunkle playing at RTT.
Read more here : www.cannibalcaniche.com/festival/fest_brux.htm

-> Then there’s another edition of Jemenfish event Taking Back Mondays at KK Brussels on November 5th .
Representing the Electrobel colors is Psi36.
Read all about it here :

or here :

-> 2 Days after that on November 7th we have quioui playing with his liveband and visuals at Kapel van de Studentenkerk. For more info contact quioui.

-> On November 9th tere’s stryder playing at Shapeshifters III , for mor info contact stryder.

-> The next day, November 10th brings us KidWhisky playing at I Need Techno ar Marignan, contact KidWhisky for details.

-> On november 16th Wanbushi plays at Coliseum in Charleroi, contact him for more info.

-> On November 17th you can support quioui, who’s playing at the semi-finals of Westtalent as the only electronic based band !!!

Quioui also won the Porque te Vas (by Janette) contest in Beursschouwburg Brussels. Harry Poppins was the runner-up. Again, two electronic bands making the difference in a acoustic oriented contest!

Big up quioui !!!

-> Waxdolls is playing as well and that’s on November 20th at JOC De PIT in Koksijde, contact Waxdolls for more details.

-> Then there’s dustrickx again on November 23rd at der machine in Leuven, more details = contact dustrickx.

-> The same day we got Knobs and Wires , Industrial / EBM edition at TEL18 in Ekeren.

A 100 % Electrobel line-up with Distreality / ELFENKOMMANDO / Recon and Trimetrick.

Read more here : www.electrobel.be/w/events

-> Also the same day there’s a subversive sounds event with performances by Kwen /Lebienheureux and Skuge.

The flyer can be found here :

More info on : www.subersivesounds.be/

-> And for those amongst you who like to travel, Liquidbass is playing on November 24th at LX5Homebase Luxembourg, Hollerich.
More info can be found here : www.lx5.net/22-24-novembre-Schraubwerkstatt


So that’s it for this month’s edition, and a big one it is !!

I hope I didn’t forget anyone, for those I did miss, my finger is pointing at issue number 2 in this newsletter, looking for all those events is a time consuming job and you can all help to make it a bit easier...

End of transmission...