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Forum : NEWSLETTERS : Decembre 2007

ZARk [be]
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0) A Word from the webmaster
1) Introduction
2) Get involved
3) Dark Contest Compilation
4) T-shirts
5) Server Upgrade
6) Silent Block Radio Sessions
7) Events

0) A Word From the Webmaster

So instead of sending an extra email filling up your mailboxes, i thought i'd steal a little spot in the newsletter and write a little something :)

Thank you to degiheugi[fr] for the cool card :)

Well i'd like to wish you all a happy and productive year 2008.
I know i haven't been around much lately, been really busy with work and school. But i haven't left you all behind. I've still been sending tshirts and cd's, giving interviews, i haven't lost interest in all you guys... I never could.

2008 is just around the corner, and i've a feeling that some cool stuff is ahead for us all.

That's it for now, i'm leaving you to the newsletter written by distreality (thanks man).

ZARk, your webmaster.

1) Introduction

This months edition is a bit late due to enormous amounts of work and a too busy schedule…
Nevertheless it contains some interesting stuff….

2) Get involved
We would ike to remind all ebellers that there is a mailadress : newsletter@electrobel.be where everyone can mail interesting things that should get some attention in the newsletter.
Some of you started using it, wich comes in very handy….
Still I would like to ask everyone that wants something covered, from interesting topics to gigs where you will perform, to send a message to this mailadress.
The mails will get directed to Distreality’s personal mailbox, and it can get covered.
So please make use of this option .

3) Dark Contest Compilation
There are still a number of copies of the Dark Contest Compilation available !!!
So all of you who haven’t got one yet, it’s not too late...
The compilation contains tracks from Distreality & Gin Moore / Aphone / D–brane / Absinth / quioui / Reaman / Manta / rf061992 / PlanetsCitizens / Kolf / Mannmaschine / Falcon 030 and Dark Contest winner S – cape.

Support your local artists and get this fine musical piece of art for the democratic price of 5 euros + 2 euros for shipment .

You can order your copy here : www.electrobel.be/dcc

4) T-shirts
A visit to the electrobel shop will teach you that there are still some very cool t-shirts available....
Not only will you look extremely cool in these shirts, you will be contributing to keeping Electrobel free!

5) Server Upgrade
Electrobel calls upon your commitment towards electrobel.
The server needs an upgrade and that costs money…
Therefore we call upon you all to make a little financial contribution so that electrobel can keep serving all our needs.
More info here : http://www.electrobel.be/donate.php

6) Silent Block Radio Sessions
Here’s the agenda for the December edition of the Silent Block radio sessions.
For those who don’t know, the Silent Block studio’s are managed by our very own Brandtkalk.

The agenda looks as follows :

16 december 20h to 22h


23 december

30 december 20h to 22h

7) Agenda
And here we are for the upcoming events :
Because of the lack of time and big amount of events , here’s the link to the electrobel agenda, so you can check out what’s coming up…
Be sure to check, because there are some real nice gigs coming your way this wintermonth….



So that’s it for this month’s edition.
For next month we’ll try to get the newsletter earlier to you again.
You can all contribute to that by making use of the mailadress : newsletter@electrobel.be

End of transmission...