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Forum : Producing Help : *** looking for a collaboration or a partner? ***

bandarlog [be]
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Post: 1102
Last track: Sofa so good
If you're looking for a partner/artist/whoever suits your needs: post it here.  That way we get a nice list.  If you want you can use this template information sheet:

I'm looking for: (producer/guitarplayer/v-jay...)
I use:  (ableton live/cubase/FL/reason...)

!!! Let's not make this a 'what is your opinion about working together'-thread...

Only posts for requests and deals allowed here.!!!
bandarlog [be]
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Post: 1102
Last track: Sofa so good
I'll start :D:

I'm looking for: (music) producer and film maker/producer
I use: ableton live and FL
Location: Antwerp
style: soundtrack
age/experience: 30y. 10 y.

dbworker [be]
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Post: 2
Last track: Harder (preview)
Original message from topic i made :
Hi everyone,

my name is jérémy Bissen, 21y, i'm from Belgium (the french speaking part)
i'm acutally searching for a big fan of music to be with me as a duo.
I'm more into electro/electro-house/dance-punk.
btw i'm on FL, you can here a preview of a song i made on ebel 



Form :

I'm looking for: music producer
I use: FL
Location: Belgium (small enought not to specify where :p)
style: electro/electro-house/dance-punk/chiptune
age/experience: 21y. 1,5y.
vanpet [be]
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Post: 146
Last track: What's on your mind?
well if you're in brussels, you can come at my home studio and talk ^^ 
Gogolevitch [be]
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Post: 17
Last track: Oubli Gilly Est
I'm looking for : instrus for my voice,I use: acid pro 7.1: Brussels style : ambiant, trip hop, dub, electronica, XP, noise...experience : doesn't matter
bandarlog [be]
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Post: 1102
Last track: Sofa so good
Let's not make this a 'what isyour opinion about working together'-thread...

Only posts for requests and deals allowed here.
intertec [be]
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Post: 6
Last track: Subforces
I'm looking for: Co-producer for collaboration via internet.
There is often not enough time to do all the work myself,which results in a lot of songs that were started but never finished and a lack of motivation.
Hopefully a collaboration will bring a lot of motivation, inspiration and progression.
I use
:  Cubase (main), Reason (for drums), Soundforge
Location: De Kempen, Provincie Antwerpen
style: techno, club, dnb, speedgarage, trance, electro
age/experience: 27/10 yrs
Bokor [be]
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Post: 2
Last track: ackward
here's another one 

I'm looking for: (co producer to help me make a liveset, also more cooperation in the future would be awesome...)
I use: (ableton, reason, nuendo...)
Location: Kempen Antwerp
style: core, tek, something like dat 
age/experience: 21y ( 2 years producing experience, 1/2y digital mixingà
endora [be]
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Post: 142
Last track: reality
I'm looking for: 2 guitar players and a drummer
I use:  bass
Location: Ghent
style: Hardcore/ punk
age/experience: 17 y. 6 y
ferbalizer [be]
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Post: 1
Last track:
Anybody wants to write a different soundtrack for this short film: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDNG9-YrDdA ?

The video part of a larger project called "regenerating gods",  I'm  looking for people who can'translate' African traditional rhythms into electronic soundscapes. Contact me if you are interested to collaborate (free_lamote(at)hotmail.com)!

I'm looking for: producer
age/experience: 28
Uutegem [be]
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Post: 56
Last track:
<span style="font-family: romanc, verdana, arial; font-size: 11px" class="Apple-style-span">I'm looking for: ProducerI use:  RenoiseLocation: Ghent and omstrikesstyle: Coreage/experience: 17/1 (Yeah, a producing newbie, hurray!)</span>
DJapperz [be]
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Post: 3
Last track: A New Hope
Looking for an online collab partner on FL.

I'm looking for: producer
I use: FL10 + hardware
Location: Leuven
style: tech house, minimal (i also want to try nu jazz, trip hop but no expirience)
age/experience: i'm 22year old and been using FL for about 8 years now