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Forum : Producing Help : Acapella Postings

JackSoundStack [be]
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for the man and woman who wants to share their voice,  i suggest they can upload an acapella (singed song without music) to their webspace,  on rapidshare and post the links or just post their msn so we can add em and receive vocals...  prefferable recorded with a studio mic,  not distorted loud and with no background noize and no air pushes in the mic...  also check the audio meter and the recording volume that its not clipping (the bars going in red) but even,  if its with a laptop or crap mic you can post it anyway... 
prefferable spoke in on a existing track so its syncronised (you put a song on in the headphones and you record it without any music on the audio file)  and if you can you can add the bpm (tempo) if ya want,  prefferable a non excisting text you invented,  but exscisting is ok aswell
the challenge is to start with the vocals and add sounds to it instead of making the track first and add vocals afterwards,  but u can make the track first anyway and then fix it with pitch warp (cubase) which analyses the false singing and make it able to fix it...
for my part when i use vocals i will let you hear the song first before i upload it anywhere..  for the others make ur own aggreements,  off course not all the posts will be used...  if it gets some ^^