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Forum : Producing Help : playing live with Maschine+Ableton

firefrog [be]
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Post: 1042
Last track: goggles
i'm building up a big(!) liveset in ableton with Maschine as plugin. the idea is to have my Novation Launchpad as trigger for all the synths/samples, and Maschine for the drums. that is (partly) to overcome the limit of the launchpad that is only 8x8 pads (instead of my desired 12x8pads), and the fact that it is supa-awesome and creativ and stuff to play around with Masschine instead of simply launching pre-made clips.

i've come to a structure in Maschine, where every group is one song. but du to the limit of 8 groups, i'll need to have a second instance of the plugin running (which is hard for the cpu), or load a second Maschine session during the live-set (which i'd rather not do, cause i can't launch drums during the load-time).
i'm working most of the time with the pad-mutes to build the structure of the drums. but padmutes are not midi-controllable, so i can't automate mute-settings to an ableton-clip. the only thing that can be controlled by ableton-clips, are the scenes...but the patterns assigned to a scene can't be locked. so from the moment that i launch another pattern, i can't use the launch of that scene anymore to launch the pattern that it used to have.
i also bought Kapturepad for iPhone to quickly launch parameter-settings in ableton, but this doesn't work with Maschine.
i even thought about putting the drum patterns in ableton and route the midi to Maschine, but then i could as well use the standard drum-sampler of ableton :/

in other words: Maschine is clearly due for updates, but in the meantime i'm stuck with v1.7 to build my liveset. how are you using Maschine for live-performances?
babbaracos [be]
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Last track: The man behind the screen
a few months back we linked a mac to a pc (ableton and fl10) the mac had machine connected, the pc a regular midi-controller. Pc master, mac slave.
beats and percussian on the mac with the machine; pads and basses on the pc.
Worked pretty well actually. It's nice to work like this, one operating the rythm with the machine; the other all the 'notes' with the controller. Fast and effective workflow.
It wasn't easy to sync them really precise though, after 30 mins the difference started getting bigger and bigger. so i guess for a real live performance this wouldn't be ideal.
We didn't manage to repeat the experiment yet (lack of time), a shame was looking promising.
Oh and that machine it kicks ass, damn it's fast working with that thing, maybe that was the nicest part about the whole evening; messing with the machine; maybe I should just get me one of those...