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Forum : Suggestions : offline collab

hay there,

wouldn't it be nice to create a song alltogether? I have this "offline" collaboration in mind where somebody makes +/- 3 minutes of sound -based around a predefined theme- and blends his music into the previous one. At the end you would have 1 CD, around 74 minutes of E-Bel music. Made by different users... but with a theme.

concrete: 1// make +/- 3 minutes of music, preferabely best quality (20bit, 48Khz or better) 
             2// with a time(code), suggest where your music should blend in with the previous one
             3// maybe we could host the mother-file on this forum? (until it's finished)
             4// let's stick to 1 theme, but that can be anything : the colour blue, Belgian Fries, Global Warming, u name it
            5// let the song speak for itself : listen to the composed part & ask yourself what does the song need ?, so in fact , every style of music could be in it, just as long as it compute with the rest and with the theme

please provide me with some feedback about your interest and the method we should cope with
any theme suggestions?


Distreality [be]
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Post: 1594
Last track: Reality Check
cool idea, gonna think on this and reflect on this thread ....

great idea  
babbaracos [be]
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Post: 76
Last track: The man behind the screen
great plan, could be real interesting! especially if we try to make something like a single song, not just a compilation; here's my proposal on how to do it:
there must be some clear rules and boundaries to insure it doesn't get too chaotic. I think some bosses will be necessary too. The bosses call the shots, decide who's in or not and do the mastering (which will be no picknick I persume)
some discussion beforehand can be helpfull too. what tempo, what kind of evolution, ..
after the general direction is decided on, everyone who is interested signs in, and mail the bosses stating something like a genre and some general pointers on what he or she would like his or her part to be like.
the bosses then draft a general direction for the song and decide who comes when, so everyone knows who comes before him or her and you can make some arrangements. this way everyone knows exactly what he or she has to work up to, so you have nice build ups and maybe even returning motives, not just crappy 10 second mixes
oh and a place to upload synthlines or drumpatterns you are extremely fond of, so others can incorporate pieces of it to create some more cohesion in the song
I'm probably exagerating, this way it will take a long time to put up, but in these kind of things I think it's better to have too many rules and arrangements than too little...
theme suggestion: summer breeze  
crolerbedo [be]
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Post: 175
Last track: Under the thin waterstream
Nice idea man really...
Hard to put in place though, but a nice "challenge" for the community, i'm totally in...
Would be nice if we could make a pure electrobel track, I mean all artists blended together, merging all our personnal feelings and influences into one big thingy 
ok guys,
 thx for the swift replys
let's get it on the trax then !
the idea is indeed one huge song (coming from the center of the electrobel milky way ?)
i like the idea of posting some tunes that u r fond off ; but let's constrain this to 1 track/loop/sound per person, to make things difficult/interesting
-can we have confirmation of the webmasters that we are permitted to do this?- 
suggested topic ; music/sounds of the body (vs EBM that is)
suggested group-name  (to post all our efforts in) ; Sirens of Electrobel

awaiting your commentz,


ps. if we are less, then everybody has a bigger stake !! 
MrNice [be]
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Post: 64
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Cool initiative! curious about the outcome