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Forum : E-Bel News : Videoz

ZARk [be]
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As some of you have noticed, electrobel has launched it's video service


This isn't google video or youtube, we don't want to see you behind your webcam doing a playback on the latest britney spears song. (even though i'd be really funny).

Videos uploaded here should remain of a certain level of artistic content, or related to electrobel.

Therefore the website now opens up to not only music creators, but to a wider range of artists.


Unlike other video hosting sites, electrobel continues it's usage of the Creative Commons licence.
Therefore, just like music, video creations can be freely distributed and used in non commercial purposes as long as correct accreditation is given for it.

Technical Specs

Video being a real pain in the Aspirine regarding compressions, the format chosen for the streaming is the FLV format developped by macromedia.
This format allows a flash player to easily load the video with a not too bad quality
(codec is h263 i think).

All files uploaded will be automatically converted to FLV by our servers.
new format is :
video : 640x480 @ 25fps --- 1200kbit / s bitrate
audio : 44.1khz 64kbit /s mp3

You can upload practically any video format, though we recommend using an MPEG4 codec (divx, xvid, x264) as they compress beter, and therefore limit the size of the file to transfer :)

Practically you can upload a 64mb file.


As you all have noticed, the page still has the **BETA** message displayed.
this is because the pages are not finished yet :)

The basics are layed out but to be coming :

* a real flashplayer, like the one for audio, but for video
* all the usual music stuff, but for video (favorites, votes,....)
* moderation / administration etc...
* Video thumbnails (that's been done now)
* Mandatory fields when uploading a new video (such as info regarding audio track etc..)

The Future

Bringing new types of artists to electrobel will allow collaborations that before were not possible.

Also in the video module, a special type of file will be able to be uploaded, SWF files (flash files), enabling flash artists to display their art without having to export them to video (which is impossible if you do interactive art)

Once the video module will be completed, the Graphix module will appear, allowing graphic art to be uploaded

Photography, paintings, drawings, etc.... again with an artistic aim behind all of them
(you still get to keep the galleries to post your drunk pics ^^ )