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Forum : Bug Reports : Big bug on Q range

DOIT [be]
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Post: 10
Last track: La Garde de Nuit
What's happen in Q range?

I loose more than 1OO points in one night
It's not a complain
It's just an observation
Full respect Mr Zark

Strange and powefull variation that's all
ZARk [be]
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Post: 1781
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geeeeez ...

second message on forum and it's to complain about a song having a lower Q than yesterday i bet ...

the Q is an unknown formula .. it evolves, it changes.

It's because last night temperature went below 0 at my place, so you could even get some negative Q ...

When the Top50 is too static people complain, when it moves, people complain ....

think i'm going to "hire" someone to do the PR stuff, and i'm just gonna stay in the shadow.

think i'm going to add a new rule ..
"You must have contributed to ebel to be able to complain"
(tshirt, play live, ...)

I always tried to play "transparency" with the inner workings of the website, ... but all that led to is users abusing MY trust just to gain f*** rankings on a useless Top50, that i don't want to have, but is almost obligatory for correct "new user experience" ...
So like i said in another thread... every year ebel is getting less and less "free", there are more and more restrictions, and guess that'll never stop, it's in human nature to try to push boundaries further than the politically correct.
So yeah, i'm going to change the T50 algo's, not revealing what they are, and changing parametres from one day to another ...
oh yeah, and i'm taking down all those nice info's from the stats page...

Yeah, i'd rather work on the gfx's page, on the video player, on the new features, .... but if things continue like this, Top50 is just gonna be filled with "cheaters" instead of what should be "not too bad" songs ...
Might do a google style override too ..
meaning that if you are caught cheating, you'll never be ranked in the T50 ...
mmh, thats a good idea too :)
threatening always works miracles in general ...

following swan's slogan for a tshirt ("i make trance and call it electro")

maybe the next tshirt should be " I want to be in the Top50 "