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Forum : Bug Reports : from pending to waiting

ekalokasari [be]
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Last track: masai
good evening everybody

what is happening when a song goes from pending to waiting? what does this waiting mean?
when i logout and search for the song (chinese modder) i can't find it, but people have already heard it, how is that possible?
ZARk [be]
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Last track: Intro to Nothing

songs have different status

* Pending --> needs to be validated by a mod
* Waiting --> Has been validated and will appear on the site
* Blocked --> Songs has been refused by a moderator
* Accepted --> Song is online
* Hidden --> Song is hidden from public ( = deleted )

The WAITING status is a bit special, and is there to avoid flooding.

Imagine you post 20songs at once on ebel.
Moderators will listen to them and accept them.

To avoid having 20songs by you on the muzik page at once, we have developped an "anti-flood" system .
Basically one of your songs will appear on the muzik page every 12hrs .
The first song will appear almost immediately, the next one 12hrs after that etc...