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Forum : Requests : UMR - infinite possibilities tour

dustrickx [be]
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Post: 515
Last track: dusts final loop

UMR will release the first vinyl this summer!
to give the world a chance to check out what we are about first we plan a small european tour
we are lookin' for organisers, promotors and venues that want to program our tour!
june: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France
july: Italy, UK, Tsech, ...

Unfinished Monkey Rave !
Infinate possibilities tour

Genres: Dubstep /drill’nbass / Jungle / breakcore / teKno

Harry Poppins         
Beeldzondernaam (visuals)



Boris Uytterhaegen aka HetLamGods is productdevelopper and producer. With a scientific approach to music and soundproduction he develops a different hard and software liveset each time. From cold scapes and crispy breaks over jolly melodies and weird bleeps he brings an uncategorisable sound that flows in between mellow mindfuck and uncontrolled bodymovement...


Alkaloid is the Belgian enfant terrible of postrave electronix. His variated background of punk, jazz, postrock, dub and hardcore, has brought him to be the ideal example of the contemporary crossover of the new electronic music scene. He feeds on anything he likes and as gipsy, ska, rave and avant garde music pass by, he mellows it up with streight from the heart sounddesign. With a madly ravable sound that builds from triphop and dubstep to jungle and funcore, his catchy tunes and massive sound will set any dancefloor on fire.


As a rolemodel for the jungle and raggacore scene Stivs is thé main man of big sound in steppin’ and jump up raggarave anthems. The releases on life4land and death$ucker combine the UK underground sound with the best of dancehall bootieshakin’! Respect seen, bombaclaat and bigup life4land motherfuckers!


Harrypoppins is the most talented drill’nbass and breakcore producer Belgium has ever given birth to. His ‘poppin’ sound and hyperactive chopped up rave or his deep and bangin’ dubstepbreaks, it all gets to ur head and bones massivly. Just a spoon full of harry makes the medicin go down!


As a local and representative of the dutch freetekno and 8bit scenes DenChaoot is all the inbreed soundmadness u need. With his netlabel releases and underground performances he prooved to be an honoust and wicked prducer with great taste and finest skillz.  


Dustrickx is the main force behind the maintanance of musicallity and the crossover tendency of UMR. As a promotor he has always been into the new sounds, the most delightfull raveparties and the bringing together of interesting influences and people. In his dj sets he combines classics from the archive of underground dancemusic, such as squarepusher, afx, venetian snares and manny more with new dubstep, jungle, hardcore and breakcore insanity. His sets are effective and euforic for any crowd.  


Beeld Zonder Naam used to do visuals for kierewiet raves in Nl. Now he has done the Works for Rakti Dei Festival, UMRaves, happy and manny more. His set is always adapted to the ravelocation and organisation and is mostly run live as the party goes by. He uses his own screens and projectors with live video input and 3d rendering to create a new background for UMRave power!

if u are interested just contact us!
feel free to forward to any promotor, venue keeper or organiser u know!




Christoffel Hendrickx (dustrickx)
Steenbergstraat 1-3
2000 Antwerpen

www.unfinishedmonkeyrecords.be (online again soon)
bandarlog [be]
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Post: 1102
Last track: Sofa so good
I admire your entrepeneurship & enthusiasm!  Big up for your org.
dustrickx [be]
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Post: 515
Last track: dusts final loop
first date:
23/05/2009 @  Bazart, Den Haag, Ned.