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Forum : Requests : in need for awsome music:)

kukimagnet [be]
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Last track: Voyager
hi all, I'm a new member, and although I have been doing music in the past I'm more like a fan and admirer of all the great mindblowing music that's on electrobel, I'm listening to it for many years, maybe I can post something one day when I'll have the possibillity to create some again.
I'm an artist ( painting and digital art ) that's my main buisnis now, I would like to ask if it's allowed to use electrobel music freely for my website, that would be utterly amazing:)
I don't know where the right place it is to ask this question so I placed it here, thanks- cheers ... kuki
eatme [nl]
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a) The best way: You should ask permission. You can send a message to the Electrobel artist, asking for it. Get things done properly. Artists will be happy with you asking properly and not just "grabbing and using".

b) Look at the Creative Commons license applied. If this is (BY: credit artist)-(NC: non-commercial) SA: derivatives allowed, you can use the work for derivative material when you apply the same license to the derivative material, which means you allow others to modify your work too. You must also credit the artist (the way mentioned, at least with artist name and best a link to website or electrobel profile) and the title of the work, and on the derivative material use the same creative commons license!, notify the users of the creative commons license applicable with a link to the creative commons license. You can not use work for commercial purpose when the NC attribute is in the license, which means you may not put ads or sales with it. When material does not have the mentioned creative commons license, you basicly can not use it for your own website unless you have some kind of permission from an artist or label.