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Forum : Requests : Phobiaphagis - Short movie

naphaniel [be]
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Hello everyone, my name is Jonathan and I'm a student at Le Site School in Hornu,

I'm here to introduce you my short movie called « Phobiaphagis », it's a story about a lonely boy who receive a magic stone.

Please check this topic for more logistic explanations : http://www.electrobel.be/forum/5/3934,Film_sound_music__,0

I have completed a 6 minutes long animatic preview relatively close of the final movie, in this preview for supporting the action I used the Death Becomes Her soundtrack by Alan Silvestri and little parts of The Neverending Story score.

I think the more important point for the music in Phobiaphagis is to indicate that the action gets more and more oppressive day after day, in my opinion it needs at least 4 musicals parts, a touch of magic when the stone is shown for the first time, a repetitive and oppressive part when the stone is growing, a bit of crazyness in the climax, and a calm and poetic melody at the end...

But as composing is not my job I'm open to any of your suggestions, intruments, well do not hesitate to take a different way than me.

The short is supposed to be finished in december 2007, (well, if I succeed this school year) so, looks like we have enough time to do a good work isn't it ?

Here you can see the short with the provisional score I made, consider it just as an information source of where and how I think music should support, if you want to work on it just tell me I'll send you a version without music just sounds.


I hope you'll be interested in my movie, thanks and see you soon !
Distreality [be]
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great short movie, i like it a lot...

well we'll have a go at it...
when it's ready i contact you and you can say what u think of it...

you can check some of my stuff if u want an idea of what i do ( different styles...)


ZARk [be]
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moving my reply from previous thread for consistency :)

really like your short movie :)

very inspiring.

really like trippy stuff like that :)

little detail i liked, the clock above the bed and the scene where you pan down from the clock to the boy, looks good :)

i'll give this thing a shot this week, see if i can get a good mood on it ;)
if it looks alright i'll contact ye :)

naphaniel [be]
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Hi guys, here's the link to download the short without music, sorry about the quality I have a recurent problem with divx codecs so it's low rez .mov (can't place larger file on my ftp)

Please notice some of the sounds will change in final version (especially the boy voice), someone asked me if the timing will change or not, well I would say the cut is ok but can't promess i'll be able to maintain it second per second.

Thanks and see you !


bandarlog [be]
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This is 'op mijn (muziek)lijf geschreven' as for concept!  I'll have a go at it for sure! :))

cheers mate