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korfunkle - C'est la guerre entre les insectes et les machines-03


For a first time i got a story for a track..

This is the ONLY ONE from those i made from june to november 2006 on my laptop before it was stolen ( i can't count how much were in progress, no back ups, stoooopid ) ... i given the ONLY mp3 ( lost the .wav ) to a friend ( hehe he was the ONLY guy to got it!!! ) some times before, and i just get it back right now. I tought it was not finish, it was destinated for a next compilation with an "insects thema" ( wich is on the way, but slowly ) but now i guess the best to do with it is SPREADING!

Voice about the war era by DAPHEX!!

Keep it preciously, and don't forget to MAKE BACK UPS!!!!!

so let's enter the bugs in your head!





SpazzMano [be] - 10 years ago

mouhaaa my hears fall blood
ke de haine sonore big up :d
j'aime pas mais ca merite un big up rien que pour le massacre sans borne :d

SpazzMano [be] - 10 years ago

techniquement ca bug bien c'est bien foutu faut aimer koi ;)

privecomcept1 [be] - 10 years ago

bizarre bizarre style a PART creation bien faite mais je dit comme spazzmano faut aimer bonne continuation man

korfunkle [be] - 10 years ago

Thanks very much for listening and appreciate the job even if you don't like or if it's not talking to you ;)

Yeah it's odd cuz this is non music, this is communications and battle noizes between insects and machines
in a dark and overtechnologic future where human can't live.
So yes it could be really hard and yes, indeed, impossible to understand.
The insects became giants and very evolved due the intensive levels of radiations covering all the planet
they are receptive to a totally different spectrum of feeling than us. Hyper speed fake unrythmikal waves and sequences
are produced by specifics organs located first in the insect's bodies ( usually the head )
The machines made a copy of the systems more usable for electronics devices, so i could steal a kind of memory box
on a destroyed robot spider's "brain". I extracted the sounds with many difficulties, pluged my own brain on it.
The format was so unknew and complex that i got serious injuries to my nervous system. After an almost complete
destruction of my multi-connection implant, i found how convert the code to something audible.
Another way to get the data contained in the recording is listen it at very high volume, the vibrations
will directly print images of this chaos era in your mind, so u can learn encrypted infos from the future.
Use some appropriate cerebrals steroïds to boost your capacities and surviving in that hostiles worlds.
Take care, these psychic adventures could become a terrific reality really fast, but so exciting ;)

korfunkle [be] - 10 years ago

-- Comment deleted by korfunkle--

BAMBAMBAM [be] - 10 years ago

simon korfunkle ? c'est pas gu gabber ca normalement ? hehehehe ^^
wicked warscenes , can almost see them

bigeupe :p

SUCCUB [be] - 10 years ago

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa c la guerre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bien le soOon !!! ;) Héhé...c du noise ça (-_-) ...

SaPeR [be] - 10 years ago

just beautiful... ♥ Korfunklz

coretex [be] - 10 years ago

vraiment du bon son.


SicktronicK [be] - 10 years ago

Crazy shit!

HarryPoppins [be] - 10 years ago

cerebrals steroïds! injuries to my nervous system! Hyper speed fake unrythmikal waves and sequences!
schluuuurpl-insectoidnoizecore gabbatek!! c quand meme assez violent comme muzik hein di ;)

korfunkle [be] - 10 years ago

yarf :D

aphone [be] - 10 years ago

c'est bizarre comme le fromage de herve, c'est chaud comme une diharrée, piquant comme un prout de biki burger, j aime bien :D

Lezwave [be] - 10 years ago

ouai j'aime bien ca,devant ma copine ,une ptite bougie ,un bon repas et une ou 2 bouteille de bon vin italien.c super romantique...
Bonne continuation gars.
P.s:je suis un pote de chloe et alyk,defcrew forever

Anonymous [be] - 9 years ago

oui tres cool