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particle - In flux


whilst working on this i started doubting on it, i thought i'd better start something new and stop wasting my time on this one. But on the other hand i say that with every track i make so i'll let you guys have your say about it.

the rythmics suck i know, but it's totally unfinished and raw, tried to focus on the atmo, playing with rythmics 'd be for later..





HyeVolture [be] - 9 years ago

really nice beginning! good evolution, from soft and gentle to a weird atmo. could maybe use more pads when it evolves, or more sounds. but I would say: don't stop with this! thumb up

eeezzeepeezzeee [be] - 9 years ago

good beginning!

CruizeOfFiction [be] - 9 years ago


keep workin' glad you're back in bussiness

Gogole [be] - 9 years ago

Trust in you man ! Nice work, maybe let a few days passing and you will find inspiration again...

Omyiga [be] - 9 years ago

very nice atmosphere again,
beats i like too
dus idd, finishen!

teebo [be] - 9 years ago

very sweet tune, smells like near the parenthesis and that's a good thing.
please finish this one, its good i tell you!

Skip [be] - 9 years ago

ubersweet verdomme.
beat is waaayyy too "RnB" dude....common.
but when these hard hihats come in its verry BoC.
First part is fuckin beautifull.
Dont have so much doubts about your (unfinished!) tracks...just do.
You have such good qualitys,but finishing tracks....hmmm?

particle [be] - 9 years ago

thx for the support people!
i'm working on it now so probably this will get finished :)

crolerbedo [be] - 9 years ago

mmmh...yep, very nice evolution in the melo's, it totally hypnotized me but... well... just... for me... drop those rythmics...
That's just my advice, but i think something lighter would be more hem... "revealing" or... "sensitive"...
Anyway, good job i repeat that the atmosphere and melodic stuff is totally great

Voxcoder [be] - 9 years ago

hihat at the end is nice but i dont like the clap. great atmos, i like

icteder [be] - 9 years ago

you know i'm your biggest fan, stop wining and start producing. and finnish stuff or i'll come to kick your butt helemaal tot in wherever you live, gent zekers?

teebo [be] - 9 years ago

i love it man!
waiting for an update

Skip [be] - 9 years ago

yeah commoooooooonnnn....give us an updeetjen

particle [be] - 9 years ago

moet de rythmics nog fixen!! en er nog een eind aan breien :)

transynth [be] - 9 years ago

Nice, i wouldn't touch that beat too much, -at least on my headphone it sounds good- but the harder distorted beat on 1.43 sounds a bit 'low quality', if you could solve that one, and offcourse make it longer, it will sure be an enjoyable track!Nice work so far and good luck with the finishing :)

OriginalT [be] - 9 years ago

real nice!

CruizeOfFiction [be] - 9 years ago

en maar blijven luisteren nr dienen partiekel....

nice one essé
(ow en dienen tune op dienen radio is ook nen lekkere vetten!)

raik [be] - 9 years ago

why does the rythm suck?I liked it. Just put it in the closet for a month and get back to it. That often works.