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MDEMMA - Lysergia




darsyde [be] - 9 years ago

can be very nice on a party, just give me whant to jump like a freak
echte leuke track :)

Aceton [be] - 9 years ago

Good track,
makes me crazy in A psychoatic way.
& thats the way I like it !!!

MDeMmA [be] - 9 years ago

aallright thanx!!

AnnoM [be] - 9 years ago

not bad; but your kick sounds too chopped imo. add some more sub too and you have a fine track

MrBadMonkey [be] - 9 years ago

nice aciiiiiiid parts...but indeed your kick is a bit "flat"...still i really enjoyed...keep up

MDeMmA [be] - 9 years ago

i love this kick because its so flat :) only distorted it a little , dont really have good bassdrums to get the real acidcore sound, and what are subs? :d excuse my ignorance, have heard the term a lot but cant really place it

AnnoM [be] - 9 years ago

sub(s) = subbass

Sub-bass is a term used to describe audible sounds below 90Hz - sound in the range below this (under 16-17Hz) would be termed infrasound. Sound systems often feature a subwoofer that is dedicated solely to amplifying sounds in the lower bass and sub-bass range.

When reproduced at sufficient volume, the listener will feel sub-bass more than it is heard[citation needed] - for this reason, it is popular in much dance music, where the sub-bass will often accompany the bass drum, as well as in dub reggae, and influenced genres such as dubstep - where the whole bass-line is often reproduced in sub-bass frequencies. Much experimental music uses sub-bass -


MDeMmA [be] - 9 years ago

and these subs would make such an improvement then? if i just placed one under my kick?

MDeMmA [be] - 9 years ago

any other suggestions anyone ?
tips are always welcome

BlastBrozerz [be] - 9 years ago

Good AcidCore, your kick made us think about Tieum's.
We prefer the first bassline, the second is less insane.

MDeMmA [be] - 9 years ago

thanx :) yes the szecond bassline is a little happier

particle [be] - 9 years ago

yeah good party track! i do like the basskick:)

MDeMmA [be] - 9 years ago

i love platte kicks

IskaRiot [be] - 9 years ago

some rollin' snares in between maybe? not all the time but as a filler her en der? just a suggestion, like it the way it is. only thing i could think of whas, indeed abit more bass for the kick and some "breakcore-achtige snares die haperen" you know, that trrrrrrrrkrrrrr sound, i call them madness snares ^^

bet hell man, killer partytrack allready!

MDeMmA [be] - 9 years ago

keep it in mind for my next liveset

Wasabi [be] - 9 years ago

I hate the kick :-), but that's personal, lot of people love kicks like this. rest of the track is verry nice.

Wasabi [be] - 9 years ago

I hate the kick :-), but that's personal, lot of people love kicks like this. rest of the track is verry nice.

MDeMmA [be] - 9 years ago

thanx :)

IndustrialFreq [be] - 8 years ago

Sick disturbed track! i like it!


MDeMmA [be] - 8 years ago

thanx :d