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Lapsus - Power Source


Just finished this song.
very very melodic, with acid sounds.
made for dancing at a party :)

also paid some more attention then usual to the mix, i think its quite well.

I hope you enjoy!
and any kind of comments are much appreciated!


Lapsus top 5:




    kingstux [be] - 11 years ago

    yeah, nice one.

    antares [be] - 11 years ago

    Nice melodiy work! Very cool song...

    spheria [be] - 11 years ago

    very nice!
    really sounds so clean and very melodic!
    you deserved a thumb up for this one :)

    Anonymous [be] - 11 years ago

    oooow verrryy goood! this would be a killer on the dance floor! melodic but not to cheesy !nothing to add, great job!

    Anonymous [be] - 11 years ago

    when will u play live? can't wait to go nuts on this song!!!

    Anonymous [be] - 11 years ago

    very very good song, keep them comming like this! :-) really love it how you play with the melody. nice job!

    Lapsus [be] - 11 years ago

    thanks everyone ! glad you liked it

    antares [be] - 11 years ago

    Btw, what did u use for melodies in this one? (just curious :) )

    Lapsus [be] - 11 years ago

    I used Sylenth, Genesis Cm, a little bit vanguard, poizone ,and z3ta for deep leads :).

    TikkiMasala [be] - 11 years ago

    very melodic
    nice sounds and sequences
    good track

    Doompater [be] - 11 years ago

    Would do great on a party indeed ! good work again

    Anonymous [be] - 11 years ago

    alleen nog nen outro

    Psymphonium [be] - 11 years ago

    Great job, i woke up, started your song and put my monitors on a high volume. what a great song to start the day! I adored the melodies as wel as the tripping acid lines... please keep up the good work, oldschool is way to awsome to forget

    SlixX [be] - 11 years ago

    hehe vocal samples from afro samurai

    AnnoM [be] - 11 years ago

    damn, you really got melodic skills. very fat leads, lot of variation. love the acid sounds ;)

    rool [be] - 11 years ago

    yup, goa as it should be :) pro.

    Lapsus [be] - 11 years ago

    hehe, thanks!

    BlueSpike [be] - 11 years ago

    Very phat song, can't wait to dance to this one ^^

    Anonymous [be] - 11 years ago

    i like this song a lot, specially at 4:00 the song is really the style i like

    Anonymous [be] - 8 years ago


    Anonymous [be] - 8 years ago


    sleepinghills [be] - 8 years ago

    very nice