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Ndus3alFrequenC - Getting rid of sabam


Hi folks

I started this song like a week ago and i just could'nt finish it.
Normally i never open a song that i allready started, couse there's always another feeling between.
And every moment gives me other inspiration. That's why i always try to finish a song...
But with this song it worked out great, i'm very happy with the result!

Getting rid of sabam - 200 Bpm

Hope you enjoy!





Aceton [be] - 8 years ago

good song mate !
great set on digital .
keep it up
ps , what you said about the feeling of re open a track and work on it A day or something later is true!

Ndus3alFrequenC [be] - 8 years ago

Again thanks man! An yes i know.. Some how i had a good feeling when you told me that you where working on your live allready for 3 day's straight, Couse i was to actually :) No rest before the job is done... ;

SunnyMuffins [be] - 8 years ago

great title & ditto track! like dem kicks a lot.
I think it's good to have a later look at ur tracks -let it rest for a while, listen to it as a whole- cuz u can add little details n such, which you missed or didn't hear while working with the "whole". It's impossible to finish working on a track without a satisfied feeling though, that's true:) grtzz

Aceton [be] - 8 years ago

haha , ka gelijk just tzelfste gevoel , van oef toch nog 1 da mij ni zot verklaard bijna 4 dagen door te gaan ;)
keeeeep up

Ndus3alFrequenC [be] - 8 years ago

Thanks to SunnyMuffins and Aceton!! ;) We have an understanding.. :)

Ndus3alFrequenC [be] - 8 years ago

To SunnyMuffins: Well actualy if i let a song rest for a whyle, my problem is that i allready created many other songs wich i think they always sound better and better.. than i think: why wasting time on a song that sounds less better to me than the songs i made after the unfinished song... I can use that precious time to make other more pounding tracks in case of a song that people allready heard and even allready are sick of listening to it... That's my opinion about that...
Take care, and again thanks for your comment!!! :)