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particle - attach-detach




Omyiga [be] - 8 years ago

cool moodchange daar zo int midden;
wijze effectjes ook, outro="stuikeuh"

Skip [be] - 8 years ago


aant luisteren.
kvint weer een zot vree hemels leutig ding (01:30 daare->kwijl azo)
Kzou zo durven om iets van effect op tbaslijntje te zetten om die iets dynamischer te maaken, kbedoeln dermeeje; zo ne lichten flanger oventwad om het minder statisch te maken, en om zo extra beetje diemensie te cre-eren
Vree wijs gepuzzeld toch, int geheel.

(got a clipping/glitch at 02:33 - 02:34)
maar TOCH saven wij da! nè'h!

Akwalek [be] - 8 years ago

dripping icecream in a bowl of hot bubbling raspberry sauce, a snippet pink aswell...
ni al te veel cyaan helaas.
ma vloeibaar genot, zoveel is zeker.
Smaken zijn voor later, hd is mij voor met het oppeuzelen van dit gebeuren

particle [be] - 8 years ago

thanks buds :)
i think i finally found how to use that certain effect without the glitch, will do some finalizing touchkens and keep the advice in mind
not very cyaan akwalek? for me it is ifeel ;)

Akwalek [be] - 8 years ago

mja... synesthesia, valt moeilijk over te discussiere, it soundz verry particle sun, but it taste pink purplisch

particle [be] - 8 years ago

nhaa but you really mean the colour i agree maybe a little part in the outro , it's funny that you kind of see the same colours as me, vague stuffhhehe

Skip [be] - 8 years ago

haha ik gok op ; ergens te "braaf" voor akwalek

Akwalek [be] - 8 years ago

niks van, ey...
dont u like drippin icecream in hot raspberry saus man?
ik wel anders
mi like, mi like alot, braaf is chill :D

HyeVolture [be] - 8 years ago

zou mss nog wa extra poer kunnen gebruiken? buskruit, napalm, ofzo. om al die roze toestanden die hier blijkbaar de ronde doen weer wa roder te maken, zowa donkerrood, bloedrood.

nee serieus nu: beatgewijs mss nog wa toestandjes toevoegen? of fx'kes, backgroundnoise ofzo, geen idee of k hier deftige comment geef, ma t mist zo iets vind ik. afijn, benieuwd wa het afgewerkte product zal zijn...

eckhart [be] - 8 years ago

cool pads, original beatwork, bass is a bit flat to me, but it works nevertheless. good tune once again!

Voxcoder [be] - 8 years ago

yep good vibes...

Skip [be] - 8 years ago

pure waking-up-with-shining-sun-music

particle [be] - 8 years ago

thanks bud, that's a mission accomplished then ;)

liquidbass [be] - 8 years ago


particle [be] - 8 years ago

thanks =) !

teebo [be] - 8 years ago

great track mate
long time since i visited ebel so i'm glad to hear you're still producing sweet music. beautiful sounds & melodies!

Rag [be] - 8 years ago

cool songske :), long time since i heard something from you,
ya stil got the vibe :))

AnnoM [be] - 7 years ago

amazing pretty atmo, bit of a cliché, but if you would drop a heavily glichted beat in the track the contrast would be great. again, superb sound and melodies

mONo [be] - 7 years ago

i like it :)