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ZoOlR - 6ème vitesse


Breakcore shit, a lot of work for the amens. A lot of melo's (hypersonic) and effects (glitch,flanger,...) . There are 2 parts,1st is happy, the end is dark. Voices from a mini-reportage on youtube.
The end is hardcore !!
I certainly continue it but I like it already.

edit1 : some new stuff here and there, track is longer, the end is changed in breakcore (changed the kick) and tried to improve mastering :) comments are welcome





Tomastar [be] - 8 years ago

I liked it a lot from the beginning till the end! Nice breaks and samples ^^
The hardcore end need a heavier bassline i think.
Continue this one i like it already too!

CruizeOfFiction [be] - 8 years ago

real good job on the amen effects man!!

though some of the other sounds and melo's aren't my cup of tea

BUT you deserve a thumb for the amens and structure cose its phat!!


ZoOlR [be] - 8 years ago

Thanks guy's !

IskaRiot [be] - 8 years ago

great amencore. breaks are very nicely done imo.
try improving the melo, get's a bit boring for me after a while (some rave sounds might be cool)
i agree on the hardcore with tomastar; it's a good idea, but it doesn't have the energy that flows trough the first minutes

ZoOlR [be] - 8 years ago

Ok, I'll try to work on that, thanks for the tips!

WeedyG [be] - 8 years ago

Nickel len ! :D nice sound quality , les breaks sont bordeliquement fous ! nice details too , le tout s'enchaine avec la grace de l'oiseau de feu :D , imo your best sound ,looking forward to ear it on your speakers ,lahhh ! ;)

ZoOlR [be] - 8 years ago

HAHA thanks a fou :D

SunnyMuffins [be] - 8 years ago

yes very nice breakwork there!
personally I would add a little bass in the first part, lower the volume of the amens a little bit there and try to get the kick a little more punchier maybe. good luck, its a nice tune.

ZoOlR [be] - 8 years ago

Well thank you for listening and those good advices :) Don't know if I'll reedit it coz the demo of fabfilter is soon at the end, but thanks

OriginalT [be] - 8 years ago

great track!
very nice amen work idd!