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particle - broken birdie


broken birdie wants to sing and swing
but birdie's broken wings sting

and that's why he will end up in bird heaven
enjoy the chaos





CruizeOfFiction [be] - 10 years ago

that screaping sound is awesome

nice one

Akwalek [be] - 10 years ago

verry nice, maybe piano/melo could be louder?dont hear so much chaos, but really liking what i hear...

Omyiga [be] - 10 years ago

i agree me cruize, vree vet geluid
nicenice, afwerken die handel (of ist af? zoja vink dat het wel een langere outro mag hebben tvoelt nu wa te kort aan imo) but nice dus!

Nightshade [be] - 10 years ago

it reminds me the bird who broke his neck flying on our window, save the birds --> dont clean ur windows

eckhart [be] - 10 years ago

such a subtle track man, i love it!
strange measure btw, can't count it
that synth at 1.12 is superb, it gives me shivers, sounds so cold and eerie...
track could use some particle-beatvariation though... not that it's boring, but some drumfills here and there won't hurt :)
love your sound, as always. this track tells so much in a way.


particle [be] - 10 years ago

thanks u guys! didn't expect much appreciation actually
@ eckhart, very cheering man thanks .. =), maybe i'll just do the variations and finish this one after all..
the measure is 4/4, i always work in this because i really understand de ballen of measurements.. mwaha

Skip [be] - 10 years ago

verry nice one chilly willie
1st and 3 rd part I like most, I would end with reusing the fisrst part for a 4th part, but maybe with a variation in beat or melody.
second part synth 01:12 is a bit much for my taste
(dont adapt to my taste,only your own)


HyeVolture [be] - 10 years ago

tis ni omda ge in 4/4 werkt da uw maat automatisch 4/4 is. hier zitten alleszins enkele 3/4des in, ma k vermoed nog veel meer dan dat ook (tis uiteindelijk gewoon tellen dadde moe kunnen omda te begrijpen).

over de track: t heerlijke eraan is: totaal onparticle en daarmee zeer verfrissend. buiten de verfrissing ook een zalig meeslepende track. om eens met symboolkes te juggelen: ++++!!!

Jelle [be] - 10 years ago

fekking nice sounds! I agree with eckhart about the drumfills. I like I like, vanaf 1:50 wel beetje te veel off key naar mijn persoonlijke goesting

Letrange [be] - 10 years ago

Really love it!
Like eckhart said, may be add some more little drums sound, just tu make it sparkle a bit more. just tiny drums bits.

Rag [be] - 10 years ago

cool man!
the deep pad reminds me a bit of apparat :)
nice easy going vibe

Voxcoder [be] - 10 years ago

very good i love it!
What is the time signature on the drums? sounds great you should make it longer..

ZoOlR [be] - 10 years ago

nice one :)

eckhart [be] - 10 years ago

still great, love the minimalness

Tjahzi [be] - 10 years ago

RIP little bird

nice song

mONo [be] - 10 years ago


mONo [be] - 10 years ago

like it

IoNiZeR [be] - 10 years ago

nice one