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owen - facing deamons


well here is my latest vocal track!! just more or less finished it today , in this one i was inspired to sing about facing your iner deamons ,its got a nice cinematic melody with lots of strings and breaks.
(not sure about the mastering probably needs a bit of a clean up!)





Rabauw [be] - 14 years ago

The intro is marvellous!
Your vocals are very good too, remind me of old Vision Of Disorder... clean, but still with a rough edge. Fits the music perfectly.

I find the piano to be clashing with the other elements...doesn't really match, but in the light of the song's thematic expression I guess it would do the trick.

The breaks and string sections have a very horror-like feel.

I'm listening with a headset, balance and panning is quite alright. Stereo fx are developed well.

icteder [be] - 14 years ago

niceeeee.super feelings here but i can't help it but think the beat should be a little bit more up front.for the rest i think you're top 1 talent producer.greets

HarryPoppins [be] - 14 years ago

yup! veryveryverynicccce!

dropthedyle [be] - 14 years ago

hey, i like that one. cool atmo. great production. (i'll give another listening tonight on a good pa to verify my only critic: feel that the harmonic signature around the beat is just a little out of the general tonality... pff, how chipoteur i am ;o)

Tesh [be] - 14 years ago

I like the intro and I truly like your vocals! = I like this track

TheThreatOfDawn [be] - 14 years ago

I agree with Rabauw, the "piano" (or whatever) sounds a bit strange at first... just a "not all that predictable sounds", but maybe that's a good thing? Makes it something else than all the rest... dunno... like the song verry much though!!

CrackeuLizer [be] - 14 years ago

nice, nice nice nice song !
im just listening to it, sounds like some pro made it or something, i mean, i dont even hear its an 'amateur' song, nice work, especially the strings are nice

reaman [be] - 14 years ago

same as previous comment - couldn't have stated it better

Anonymous [be] - 13 years ago

Nice, Philip Glass is tripped-hoped:)

Kyran [be] - 13 years ago

it's cinematic, I like it