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Forum : Scene News : CD/NET releases

bandarlog [be]
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Post: 1102
Last track: Sofa so good
This is the place where you can post links to releases or promotional media.




Your post will be seen by more people on a longer time period and people find your releases easier if you put them all in one post. 
Skip [be]
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Post: 952
Last track: Plutopian
Skip's free netreleases from 2008
triptunes,skiptunes,electronica,IDM,Drill'n Bass.
(I double checked,all links work.)

[b]download here-> http://sonicsquirrel.net/detail/release/HyperSpaceAdventure/5957 [/b]
[b]Skip - HyperSpaceAdventure[/b]
Catita -"It is not by mere occasion that this release has the term "HyperSpace" on the title. On his debut release at
Catita, Skip gives us fast lo-fi beats and speedy melodies, mixed up with Aphex Twin and served as what we like to
call "Drum'n'tendo". A robot from space demanded and Catita delivered."
1 HyperSpaceAdventure
2 NTD4
3 Planet Cruizer
4 NTD11

[b]download here -> Skip - Ecospheric Escape[/b]
Pterodactil Squad -"Skip's first release with Pterodactyl Squad is Ecospheric Escape, a selection of 7 scientifically
musical tunes, all inspired by a childhood playing video games. Otherworldly and abstract, yet always precise and
upbeat, synthy melodies run over speedy drum beats, creating an alien sound which is somehow quite familiar."
1 Rocketskip
2 Bit Bot
3 Mobeel Idodit
4 Namagem 10
5 Nimtar Yalmix
6 NMGM 16
7 Anti Mighty

download here -> http://themrecords.com/them008/
Them Records -"We have a very special holiday gift from Belgium, and just in time for the holidays. THEM records is
happy to release Intimethod from drill'n'chip guru Skip. Skip's latest release reveals his wide variety of styles.
Intimethod moves between melodic drill'n'bass, cheap chiptunes, and instances of daring IDM, all without forgetting the in-betweens. The special blend of styles gives this release a personal and unique taste. Intimethod is colourful,
fast, and in constant motion between happiness and nostalgia.
1 Going For Third
2 The Neverending Collpase
3 Ponky Tonky
4 Pix Reversed
5 NTD17
6 Slowawake
7 ...Wrong Title
All music,artwork and crappy mastering by Skip.
A forth netrelease on BugWeb,the netlabel of BugKlinik...
download here-> http://www.mediafire.com/?kdndnjfnmgx  

Skip also appears on following free compilations
2007 Digital Vomit Records [b]VA - Awful 2006-2007 (DVR026 MP3) [/b]
(features: Skip - Feet Are Deformed Hands)
2008 BugWeb -Limited and exclusive CD-r for the 2008 Happy Days happening.
(features: Skip - Plack Blanet)
2008 Caoutchou Records [b]VA - Rubber Beats Vol.1[/b]
(features: Skip - Elastix Plastix)
2008 Monolog X Records [b]VA - Shortcore Vol.1[/b]
(features: Skip - Snipiteaser)
2009 Caoutchou Records [b]VA - Rubber Beats Vol.2[/b]
(features: Skip - Eye Earth)
2009 Illphabetic [b]VA - Reconciled Unity [/b]
(features: Skip - Triptune 02)
2009 Pterodactyl Squad [url=www.ptesquad.com/more/pte020.html][b]A Pterodactyl Squad Compilation[/url] 
[/b](features: Skip - Mr.Glass)
2009 electrobel.FR http://www.netlabel.be/english/alb_robots.php V.A. - Robots like it hot
(features Sk'p -Kraeacktor)
[b]Mass Murder LP[/b]


Mumblz and Sighnature - Dance You Fuckers
CA2K - Give Me More
Cruize Of Fiction - Iatrogenesis
Cruize Of Fiction - Al-Nakba

Death By Drums - Caught In the Hills
Exact - Invasion
Viral Infection - Her Master
Metaphase Ft. Madgirl - Someday
Mind Killa - Mantis Rapture
O'nine - Infectable
Black Code - End Of Days
Qmar - Cold War
Envoys Evolution Ft. Prolific - Suicide

Available at

Itunes, Beatport and any other decent mp3 download store
(songs can be bought seperate)

[b]CruizeOfFiction - Weltschmertz[/b]

FREE netrelease

01 - Cruize Of Fiction - Weltschmertz
02 - Cruize Of Fiction - Deviant

Direct link:

[b]Fragments Of Mangled Minds EP[/b]

FREE netrelease

01 - Gabba Voodoo & Para Riser - Our Messenger Has Come To Us
02 - Sidereal - Chew Yun Fett
03 - Arganizm - LSD
04 - Igneon System - Leachers
05 - D.T.A. - Crusader
06 - Dyre Korr - Terror And Chaos
07 - Cruize Of Fiction - Terroriser
08 - Weirdo - Chasing Chaos
09 - Murder One - Avange You All
10 - Eye - Pa
11 - Infarkt - Blackout
12 - Peter Kurten - Madness
13 - Duzer - Fuck The World Fuck The Love

Direct link:

...and more to come...
quioui [be]
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Post: 308
Last track:
Hi our debut album HIGH SPEED KILLER RIDE is now out on PIAS

go to waxdolls.be for more info


1. Favorite Girl

2. Chips

3. 15 Minutes

4. System Crash

5. High Speed Killer Ride

6. Spoiled Rich Bitches

7. Epsilon

8. Damage

9. New Year's Eve

10. Step-Down
buy via this link, or in fnac etc.

review from rifraf:
‘High Speed Killer Ride’
Weergaloze eerste keer van de Gentse speelgoedpoppen Lieven Dermul
en Wim Slabbinck. De één studeerde voor producer, de andere is seksu-
oloog. Beats met een vettig randje dus. Met het zalig knetterende‘Spoiled
Rich Bitches’ schiepen Waxdolls een nummer waarbij elke Paris Hiltonadept angstig weg-
kruipt in haar - al dan niet - gepersonaliseerde Louis Vuittontas, terwijl de heren op ’Favorite
Girl’ hun droomgriet definiëren als iemand die van fuckmachines en laserstralen houdt.
Weinig subtiel, maar heel efficiënt. Knetterende electroclash met een stevige kwak kinkyness.
Meer van die excessen op ’15 Minutes’ en titeltrack ‘High Speed Killer Ride’. Een opgedre-
ven electrospanker, ideaal voor dolle ritjes op achtbanen. ‘Chips’ kraakt onder de beuken-
de baslijn en de hete vocals, waarna de opzwellende broken beats en grooves van ’Damage’
spontaan ejaculeren in je oorkanaal. Grof en luid. Wat een plaat! Denk qua ranzigheid aan
Peaches met volledig dildoarsenaal, qua sound aan de brave jongens van Goose gone bad.
Pompende body to body electropunk, met een stevige knipoog naar The Neon Judgement.
Ach, poppen. Ze leken vroeger zo lief, meneer! (kc)

EgonFisk [be]
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Post: 350
Last track: altered state
Egon Fisk on acroplane records in ireland: the Unstablelist
German born, Belgium residing Egon Fisk has been writing music since he was only 12. His varying pieces of recent electronica (available here) show an attention to detail, a musicality and an originality rarely matched these days. Some of it works killer on the dancefloor too, as tested in Belfast by us :)

He has recently released some other music on Roulette Records, and i believe he has some music coming out on Umbrelladelika Records soon, so keep an eye out for those.

IskaRiot [be]
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Post: 338
Last track: (a)Me(n)tal
i only wish this was my release, but it's not, i'm just the messenger...

Bug Web Presents:

BW003.1 Enkidu - Don't look back EP part 1

Enkidu (aka X&trick) presents a collection of previously unreleased tracks which were recorded between 2003 and 2009.
After years of travelling the world as dj and live act, Enkidu
took all his influences and mixed it into the 'Don't Look Back' Ep's.
This series will take you on a musical journey going trough
deep ambient dubscapes, poppy electronica and acid rave-influenced IDM frenzy.

Strawberry Cough and Purple Star have been released on JunoDownload !

Follow this link :


Our Myspace :


bluster [be]
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Post: 4
Last track:

Concrete Djz & Miss Kosmix got together to deliver a
big techno blaster of EP.Aiming directly to dancefloors
with 2 strong and energetic tracks in different styles.
Classic Armatura Bonus sound hits again on the 16th edition.


1.    "Don't Wreck My Track"      - 05:54      
2.      "Wreck This"                     - 05:23

Listen http://www.myspace.com/armaturabonus

Releasedate 10th August 2009
Junodownload exclusive for 2 weeks RELEASE LINK
Beatport,iTunes,Amazon,Jamvana,etc from 24th August 2009
Akwalek [be]
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Post: 987
Last track: Automated Lifeform (mArtnr236)

••• 08 Okt 2009: "Outerspace Backyard Spasms" EP for Illphabetik.com •••


-01.Spliquid Interstellar Gateway (mArtnr403) 01:16

-02.Outerspace Backyard (mArtnr408a) 00:48

-03.Above All This (mArtnr408b) 01:28

-04.For Crying Out Loud (mArtnr401v2) 03:07

-05.Escapee (mArtnr402) 02:45

-06.ToiToilet Rave (mArtnr415) 02:09

-07.Wet Oestro Cat (mArtnr378) 03:49

-08.Halfnar (mArtnr398) 03:07

-09.R U Now Or Have U Ever (mArtnr406) 02:40

available for free here: www.illphabetik.com/releases.php?release=1388  & akwalek.bandcamp.com/album/outerspace-backyard-spasms


••• 10 Dec 2007: "Automated Lifeform" EP for Headtone.org •••


-1.An Inner Twist (mArtnr233) 03:28

-2.Light from Below (mArtnr235) 04:00

-3.Automated Lifeform (mArtnr236) 02:56

-4.Dest 4 a Dingle False Version (mArtnr177) 04:00

-5.Starying Tears (mArtnr245) 05:20

available for free akwalek.bandcamp.com/album/automated-lifeform-ep-2


••• 23 Sept 2007: "Burst, The Hero Under My Pillow" EP for Sixteensteps.com •••


-01.Burst, ...(mArtnr153) 04:06

-02....O.D.1N7R0 (mArt131) 01:46

-04.04-02-'07 (mArtnr160) 02:34

-05.Petrolek Walz (mArtnr147) 03:54

-06.Sense is the cloud in our engine (mArtnr154) 05:00

-07.Morphic Resonance v2 (mArtnr151) 03:29

-08.Oh Kleine Crystal (mArtnr157) 04:16

-09.Sassafras Extract (mArtnr128) 04:12

-10.Egodeïstix (mArtnr136) 05:08

-11.Black Cats (mArtnr135) 05:00

-12.Because we dont have to (mArtnr146) 04:59

-13.As long as we survive (mArtnr141) 03:24

-14.O.D.0U7R0 (mArtnr131) 01:36

available for free akwalek.bandcamp.com/album/burst-the-hero-under-my-pillow-2

All tracks © under creative commons 2007 - 2010 Akwalek Laurentz Groen


spectraliquid [be]
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Post: 5
Last track:

[b][CD-Digipack] September 2009[/b]
[b]Spectraliquid & Tympanik Audio [SLQ008 + TA031][/b]

http://www.myspace.com/accesstoarasaka , http://www.accesstoarasaka.com



The long-awaited and highly-anticipated debut CD from New York’s amazing young new talent Access To Arasaka has finally arrived. With a steady momentum of buzz from fans and critics over the past year, remix collaborations with Zentriert ins Antlitz, Aphorism, and Totakeke, and more-than-well-received compilation appearances for the Hymen Records and Tympanik Audio labels, Access To Arasaka now offers the true scope of his capabilities with his innovative new album ‘Oppidan‘.

A futuristic journey of a cerebral nature, demonstrating a virtual equinox of expert beatwork and densely-layered atmospheric explorations, ‘Oppidan‘ transcends complexity and innovation in electronic music and seems to arrive at the very edge of its own inner space. Dark and cinematic and fascinating to no end, ‘Oppidan‘ is truly full of life and genuine mystic, opening the imagination of the listener into epic new dimensions at the hands of a true master of modern electronic composition.

‘Oppidan‘ is available from Spectraliquid and Tympanik Audio September 8th, 2009.

Sound samples:




01. Nypox
02. Medway
03. Monoscan
04. Ruin
05. Caeropore
06. First Kill (feat. Beau Jestice)
07. Montcalm
08. Parisville
09. Jody
10. Recon (feat. ESA)
11. Delicate Annihilation
12. Chem
13. Sylvan-hesh
14. Transcednence
15. She
16. Waiting War
17. Aftermath

More info & orders:


Other music available:

Other releases on Spectraliquid:

SLQ001: V/A - Konkrete, January 2008
SLQ002: BLACKFILM - s/t, April 2008
SLQ003: EBOLA - Mutant Dubstep vol.1 June 2008
SLQ004: CARDOPUSHER - Mutant Dubstep vol.2, October 2008
SLQ006: A WAKE A WEEK - Little Black Cloud Jan 2009
SLQ005: MOBTHROW - Mutant Dubstep vol.3, Mar 2009
SLQxxx: MUTANT DUBSTEP - Vols.1,2,3 Bundle, June 2009
SLQ007: POORDREAM - Immaterial Monarch, July 2009

Other releases on Tympanik Audio:

# TA030 | [Haven]: Plastic
# TA029 | Disharmony: Evolution
# TA027 | Autoclav1.1: Where Once Were Exit Wounds
# TA028 | Black Lung: Full Spectrum Dominance
# TD004 | Lucidstatic: Unearthed
# TAPR2 | Various Artists: Approach Lights - 2009 catalog sampler
# TA026 | Pandora’s Black Book: Black Brothel
# TA025 | Ad·ver·sary: A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky
# TA024 | Tapage: Fallen Clouds
# TA016 | Aphorism: Surge
# TA023 | Totakeke: The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes
# TA022 | SE: Epiphora
# TA021 | Stendeck: Sonnambula
# TA020 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 2
# TA019 | Broken Fabiola: Severed
# TA018 | ESA: The Sea & The Silence
# TA017 | Zentriert ins Antlitz: …No
# TA015 | Totakeke: Forgotten On The Other Side Of The Tracks
# TA014 | Tapage: The Institute Of Random Events
# TA013 | Integral: Rise
# TA012 | Autoclav1.1: Love No Longer Lives Here
# TA011 | Endif: Carbon
# TA010 | Lucidstatic: Gravedigger
# TA009 | Pneumatic Detach: [ko·mor·bid]
# TA008 | Displacer: The Witching Hour
# TA007 | Flint Glass: Circumsounds
# TAPR1 | Various Artists: Approach Lights - 2008 catalog sampler
# TA006 | Ad·ver·sary: Bone Music
# TA005 | Disharmony: Cloned::Other Side of Evolution
# TA004 | Subheim: Approach
# TA003 | Totakeke: eLekatota - The Other Side of the Tracks
# TA002 | Unterm Rad: The Rake’s Progress
# TA001 | Various Artists: Emerging Organisms
Doorchaser [be]
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Post: 379
Last track:
The new Distant Fires Burning DIY-CDR "7 Sisters" is available through the Music / Store on www.doorchaser.tk/. For 5 EUR (+2,50 EUR shippingcosts) you get a lightscribe CDR with 7 tracks in a jewelcase with minimal design by me. The first 50 copies will be handnumbered and will contain a small pen drawing.

The music is inspired by artists as Biosphere, FSOL, Global Communication, Brian Eno, Loscil, Tim Hecker, Pete Namlook, Deepspace, BpOlar, Tangerine dream, Dead Can Dance, Liquidbass, and all the other ambient artists here at E-bel. 

For the ones who don't have "Messierobjekten" yet, there's good news. You can buy "7 Sisters" and "Messierobjekten" together for 12,50 EUR (+ 3 EUR shippingcosts) .

Go to www.last.fm/music/Distant+Fires+Burning/7+Sisters to listen. Here on E-bel you can find a free download of the track Celaeno AND an exclusive to electrobel download of the track Electra!
BpOlar [be]
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Post: 321
Last track: Led Lilith
BpOlar EP release at XS records


EgoTwister [be]
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Post: 1
Last track:


"Dans la lignée des compilations vinyl et CD « Party Ruiners » vol.1 et 2, « Ego Twister Movie Ruiners » est le nouveau projet du label Ego Twister. Pour celui-ci, 33 artistes ont été invités à revisiter une bande originale de film : de l'hommage pur et simple au clin d'œil irrévérencieux, cette compilation dépoussière l'imaginaire collectif dans un étonnant maelström musical.

Pour corser l'exercice, la seule contrainte imposée aux artistes était de ne pas utiliser de samples des morceaux originaux, afin de produire de vraies reprises plutôt que des remixes. Aux yeux du label c'est avant tout le regard singulier et l'univers musical de l'artiste qui comptent : les banjos se transforment en synthétiseurs 8-bit, les claviers en guitare, les rappeurs américains en chanteurs français... L'éclectisme assumé de ce disque est à l'image des sorties du label qui privilégie avant tout un joyeux bordel organisé, plutôt que les sorties formatées.

A travers cette compilation on navigue d'une Soupe aux Choux techno à un Twin Peaks introspectif, en passant par l’hymne de Top Gun revisité pour le dancefloor, ou encore la musique de Rio Bravo transformée en hymne pop. Un blindtest fleuve et ludique en téléchargement gratuit, donc forcément indispensable !"


1. Silencide vs yan_g – «2Oth Century fuck» (Alfred Newman)

2. Vernon Lenoir – «My name is nobody» (Ennio Morricone)
Movie : «Il mio nome è Nessuno» de Tonino Valerii & Sergio Leone – 1973

3. Syndrome WPW – «Dueling synthesizers» (Arthur Smith) vs «In the Highways» (Maybelle Carter)
Film : «Deliverance» de John Boorman – 1972
Film : «O brother where art thou» – 2000

4. Nouveau Pratique Gratuit – «Mon Oncle» (Frank Barcellini)
Film : «Mon Oncle» de Jacques Tati – 1958

5. Tale twist – «Rosemary's baby main theme» (Krzysztof Komeda)
Film: «Rosemary's baby» de Roman Polanski – 1968

6. Bacalao – «Riddle of steel» (Basil Poledouris)
Film : «Conan the barbarian» de John Milius – 1982

7. [guÿôm] – «The Chase» (Geogio Moroder)
Film: «Midnight Express» d’Alan Parker – 1978

8. Gratuit – «Perds toi, toi même» (réinterprétation française de «Lose yourself» d’Eminem & Jeff Bass)
Film: «8 mile» de Curtis Hanson – 2002

9. Eli Gras – «Baby elephant walk» (Henry Mancini)
Film : «Hatari!» de Howard Hawks – 1962

10. Atone – «Laura Palmer's theme» (Angelo Badalamenti)
Film: «Twin peaks: fire walks with me» de David Lynch – 1992

11. Amnésie – «Assault On Precinct 13 (Main Title)» (John Carpenter)
Film: «Assault on Precinct 13» de John Carpenter – 1976

12. Klement – «Oh pretty woman» (Roy Orbison & Bill Dees)
Film: «Pretty woman» de Garry Marshall – 1990

13. GNG – «La Carioca» (Vincent Youmans)
Film : «Flying down to Rio» de Thornton Freeland – 1933
Film : «La cité de la peur» d’Alain Berbérian – 1994

14. Cindy Sizer – «Dirty life» (réinterprétation de «(I’ve had) the time of my life» de Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes)
Film : «Dirty dancing» d’Emile Armolino – 1987

15. Divag – «The Addams Family theme» (Vic Mizzy)
Série TV & Film : «The Addams Family»” de Barry Sonnenfeld – 1991

16. Dr. Phibes & the ten plagues of Egypt – «Jeux interdits» (Narciso Yepes)
Film: «Jeux interdits» de René Clément – 1952

17. Edmond Leprince – «Humanity» (Ennio Morricone)
Film: «The Thing» de John Carpenter – 1982

18. Ipaghost – «In heaven» (David Lynch)
Film : «Eraserhead» de David Lynch – 1977

19. Joe La Noïze – «Halloween theme» (Décompensation remix) (John Carpenter)
Film: «Halloween» de John Carpenter – 1979

20. Sonicon feat BadOu – «Psycho boy jack/Ozzie & Harriet –medley» (The Dust Brothers)
Film: «Fight Club» de David Fincher – 1999

21. Nitneroc – «Les compères» (Vladimir Cosma) – Download mp3
Film: «Les compères» de Francis Veber – 1983

22. David Fenech – «Reality» (Richard Sanderson, Vladimir Cosma & Jeff Jordan)
Film: «La boum» de Claude Pinauteau – 1980

23. Silencide – «Sirba» (Vladimir Cosma)
Film: «Le grand blond avec une chaussure noire» d’Yves Robert – 1972

24. Dj Nestor Flash – «la soupe aux choux» (Vladimir Cosma)
Film: «La soupe aux choux» de Jean Girault – 1981

25. Yvan&Lendl – «La scoumoune» (François de Roubaix)
Film : «La scoumoune» de José Giovanni – 1972)

26. Eat Rabbit – «I still don’t understand you computer» (Eat Rabbit)
Musique inspirée du film «Logan’s run» de Michael Anderson – 1976

27. Glafouk – «Requiem for a dream» (Clint Mansell)
Film : «Requiem for a dream» de Darren Aronofsky – 2000

28. Young P3018 – «Top gun anthem» (Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens)
Film: «Top gun» de Tony Scott – 1986

29. Niwouinwouin – «My rifle, my poney and me» (Dimitri Tiomkin)
Film: «Rio bravo» de Howard Hawks – 1959

30. Fadt Fanfare – «Wild wild west theme» (Richard Markowitz)
TV series : «The wild wild west» – 1965–1969

31. Logosamphia – «The Gremlin Rag» vs «Arabian nights» (Jerry Goldsmith/Alan Menken)
Film: «Gremlins» de Joe Dante – 1984
Film: «Aladdin” de Ron Clements & John Musker – 1992

32. Silencide vs yan_g – «Beetlejuice main title» (Danny Elfman)
Film: «Beetlejuice» de Tim Burton – 1988

33. Allemand Berger Allemand – «Profondo rosso» (Goblin)
Film : «Profondo rosso» de Dario Argento – 1975

34. Thiaz Itch – «Always look on the bright side of Life» (Eric Idle)
Film: «Monty Python's Life of Brian» de Terry Jones – 1979

35. Bonus track – Cindy Sizer – «Dirty life (club edit)» (réinterprétation de «(I’ve had) the time of my life» de Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes)
Film : «Dirty dancing» d’Emile Armolino – 1987

Vous trouverez sur le site les liens vers les mp3 séparés, les sites des artistes et des streams des morceaux originaux. Bonne écoute!

ini.itu is releasing the third LP of its catalogue, a 3 tracks album assembled by Kraig Grady under the moniker Anaphoria.

Kraig Grady is a composer and a sound artist. He has been described by David Toop as an Ethnographic Surrealist. Born in California in 1952 ( of Ojibwe Indian ascent ) , now residing in Australia where as a citizen of Anaphoria he is responsible for the Austronesian Outpost of Anaphoria and one of its most prominent organs, the Office of Cultural Liaisons.

more info on www.iniitu.net/  

filmjolk [be]
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Post: 223
Last track: Elektronik Baltikum Nostalgia
Hello everyone!

i'm very pleased to tell you that finally my
first ep/album "Mononucleosis" from heldernacht records is re-released
on the label vu-us!
All the lovely people who couldn't get a copy
due to the little amount of pressed cds can now enjoy owning a copy of

Don't forget the concert of 23th november in Croxhapox Gent with Drekka and Library Tapes!

There are some other things on the way... keep an eye on it :)




HarryPoppins [be]
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Post: 1461
Last track: ~ Smopkalitei ~
Ooooh fancy! congratz :)
I got one too! 

acroplane recordings ACP061

catalogue no.:
release date:

Leading the flocks since 2008, Shepherd brings ewe spiritual guidance in troubled times.
The mood is dark, grimy and the landscape desolate. Let Shepherd's hiphop and dubstep endeavors light your path.

Music by Julien Itterbeek.
Graphics by graphic non graphic.

7 tracks total.

Trimetrick [be]
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Post: 16
Last track: resting bitch face
Whereas the 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' contest did not deliver us a record deal at Alfa matrix, we did get some attention from another label, and so Trimetrick is pleased to announce that we have a contract with a small New York based label called MachineKunt Records. The label specialises in female- or female fronted acts with styles varying from electro pop/rock to harsh electro/industrial and aggrotech.The CD will be a compilation of some of our best work and will be distributed worldwide on hard copy, itunes, amazon.com and some other specialised music sites, in other words, the whole shebang.A selection of songs are already stripped to the bone, completely rebuilt, remixed and remastered to sound more coherent with our recent work, without losing the original touch of course. Master copy production will be done by Kolja Trelle, the man behind Soman, and graphic design and layout will be made by Malice Bathory. Of course this will mean that the songs that make the CD will no longer be available on electrobel. Therefore we will keep you updated on the process. http://site.machinekunt.com/http://malicebathorywork.daportfolio.com/ 
MnemOnic [be]
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Post: 72
Last track: speyside winter habit
Netrelease Renoised

'Renoised' is a four-track release brought by the label Format Noise

format noise

Release: form-net-30 - Date: 16.09.2009 - 4 Tracks + Covers

- Re_noised
1. Re_noised
2. Shimmering residues
3. Animo nation
4. Ju jian lai

All Tracks are under the license terms of format noise.
format noise is under license of RAUMKLANG MUSIC.


This work is licensed under a CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE

Download link: 
PierrotheMoon [fr]
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Post: 284
Last track: flavour
glad i am! enjoy this free downloading hardwareuss'matchinss bulubulu sound! and don't hesite to tell me what you thinkaboutit!


and I en profite to say you too, there is the two first releases of The Studio Stereo which were out stock are yet NOW dispo in Free download :) This is techno dubby dub deeep sound... weh.. from all over the world and vor allem im Deutschland ;)
The TSS_01 :

you can download it here :
and the TSS_02 Andrea Porcu_ I can wait EP

downloadable here :
you can also visit
have great time with it ;)