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misstrohan - stifle in style


those titles...

it's a easy chilling song, at the end it getting a bit 'funky-er', but it is slowfunk...

it sounds (too me) still a bit empty between 40s and 2.15
maybe not for you :)

enjoy and comment!!!





Bedlam [be] - 16 years ago

Like it alot except that little go into the chorus type of sound.

Funky [be] - 16 years ago

Nice ideas!! Bout the 'empty' part...I got that feeling also...After hearing those intro notes & chords...My hearing 'expects' to hear them also in that empty part.... Maybe you can shorten it up a bit? But it didn't disturbed me...Nice chill & quiet dreamy chords for a while... Second part of the song, I can hear where you're going to & I like that 'place' ;) The transition between parts isn't my favorite, but hell yea... :) These chords or this piece would be awesome to freestyle to :) A bit less static notes here & there...some playfull 'montés' etc... Yea...Hope this get's another misstrohan-treatment :) I hear potential :) Keep 'm comming man!! :)

cestqui [be] - 16 years ago

nice work on the snaredelays,but some things really end up strange,i like strange(2min20),but it also needs to be classy;doubts about that;

also doubts on the wurli solo,when the bazeline comes in,but nice bazeline btw;

and the intro like you say could benefit from some fillin,or re structer the whole song;throw in the last part at the beginning,and make some more guitr variation near the end,funkie wah or something;

just some childdesease that keeps this from going in my fav,mixed feelings here and there,it could be worked out,no soundissues so that a plus for sound,cheers mate