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vanpet - I love my computer !




ZARk [be] - 17 years ago

i love your computer too ;)

This track has a nice punch, makes me wanna dance ! :D

compression seems a bit weird, but i'm dancing away at the moment, so might be just me :)

good work ;)

streatuac [be] - 17 years ago

me to ;-) like it

quaint [be] - 17 years ago

like the beginning a lot but then the atmosphere is a bit ruined by the imho to technoid beat, otherwise i would say damn good

vanpet [be] - 17 years ago

yep... destroyed by the "Wave Hammer" compression in Sound Forge... in the non-compressed version there was a piano :-)

kemi [be] - 17 years ago

Electroclash flavor :). The track reminds me Vitalic...good energy

amorph [be] - 17 years ago

nice tech-electro track but not really original ...
try using some "unknown" sounds ...

vanpet [be] - 17 years ago

amorph >> no, i don't want to be original. i like making 80's sounds.

amorph [be] - 17 years ago

so u succeeded ;)

Erathus [be] - 17 years ago

Hi! Great and funny :-)
Make me want to dance as well :)

Anonymous [be] - 16 years ago


DarkStar [be] - 16 years ago

Yeah i like it! Some sounds make me think about the group "Adult". Do you know this group? Anyway, good work! Goes in my favorite

FabioPersonale [be] - 16 years ago

nice song Slow building the song I like it Can anyone tell me how to upload songs?

apollo [be] - 16 years ago

Good tune and sounds. It does not get boring as well. Very Vitalic indeed.

djmalo [be] - 15 years ago

Man , very gound track :)
Indeed sounds like Vitalic. Not a bad reference hey? ;)

Salamadictus [be] - 15 years ago

It makes ma wanna move!
Hell of a song!

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago

whaaah very nide indeed, has a very "beer hymn" kind of "go for it and dance" quality ... (that s a compliment ! ) nice sounds though i would put a the hihats just a little bit more in the background, also would have liked to hear some lead (short) melody ..; it still is a killer track though !!!

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago

I lmy computer and yours too!
I loved it so much it's the first of many in this great site I got lucky to find today, that I just had to repeat it and listen twice in a row! I'm adding it to my music lybrary!

Club Anvil of Helsinki fan


edith [be] - 15 years ago

yeah , i know , me too !

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago

sounds great!! I like it a lot

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago


We listened to some of your music in our college theory class. Wo....


Toxichead [be] - 15 years ago

jep this song sounds like vitalic his La Rock. Anyway great song

Hirogenium [be] - 15 years ago

Same opinion as quaint.

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago

I love my computer too!
This song rox! I love it too ^^

Vinch [be] - 15 years ago

good...La rock01 vitalic??

vanpet [be] - 15 years ago


me - 2003
vitalic - 2005

i win

kraftwerk - 1973 :)

they always win!

liquidbass [be] - 15 years ago

cool vanpet!

sleam [be] - 15 years ago

great vibe...
la rock 01 was release in 2001
not 2005

vanpet [be] - 14 years ago

LOL ! ok i better shut up now! ;)

fabethefabulous [be] - 14 years ago

pas mal mais je trouve que la basse ainsi ke la rythmique est fort repetitive mais sinon c est pas mal :)

Rabauw [be] - 14 years ago

yihaaaa electro party fest! Great tune!

SandwichGarnier [be] - 14 years ago

I found your computer a bit too short, but I feel it well... ouch! :) +1

NoobeatZ [be] - 13 years ago

80's rock

liquidbass [be] - 13 years ago

excellent (again) ;)