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Brandtkalk & Ucture insurances - brandtctures odyssey


Brandtkalk & Ucture made this for the forthcoming compilation "hypoge" (coming soon)

check: http://www.myspace.com/hpgrecords


Brandtkalk & Ucture insurances top 5:




Scootchy [be] - 16 years ago

great track, various constructions, sounds. I can feel different influences. I like it very much. congratulations and I wish you a good odyssey together ;o)

Thought [be] - 16 years ago

Per coincidens my volume was still very high, got a heartattack! :D Fat piece of music to get a heartattack from! The second part really rocks too! Very good work

S-cape [be] - 16 years ago

Nice game !
Maybe a bit to "stable" for me, need more perturbations... But anyway, great collab, i vote yes ^^

gozno [be] - 16 years ago

this one rocks man

rf061992 [be] - 16 years ago

Very, very good track..... a lot of emotion.... de peche.... cool.... very good collaboration..... :))

biolson [be] - 16 years ago

thx you all...this is the 1st version.Another one, more complete, exists...check that "hypoge" compilation.very good tracks on ;)

brandtkalk [be] - 16 years ago

one crowned colaboration! I learned much in this work with you! thank you very much Mr. biolson

YrbasSs [be] - 16 years ago

Famous odyssey !!!

SicktronicK [be] - 16 years ago

nice one!

aphone [be] - 16 years ago

nice one

KWeN [be] - 16 years ago

seem nice, but i'll listen it today when at home ^^

HarryPoppins [be] - 16 years ago

interesting! i like the sounds, the acid, the voices, the synths, allé i like it a lot.. how did u guys work? together in one room, or did u send loops over to each other?
its fun cuz u can clearely hear brandtkalk and ucture in this track
good one :)

Distreality [be] - 16 years ago

nice one !!!
good chil start and chaotic ending !!!

thumb up

stryder [be] - 16 years ago

grave :heavy:

brandtkalk [be] - 16 years ago

this work was done in several stages! 1) we have initially write a scenario! 2) we joined together all the useful instruments to do all that enabled us to manufacture sound matters. 3) We, then played each of differing parts of the song, the ones after the other with our machines! 4) and finally Mr. biolson made an assembly of the unit! here is our method!

HarryPoppins [be] - 16 years ago

mm, i kindof made a difference in this track. i thought the beginning was yours, and the ending was hugo's.. i kindof recognised your both styles.. Anyway it sounds good! Its not allways easy to make a track with another person..

KWeN [be] - 16 years ago

Allright, let's start with my real comment :) Sorry if I hurt

First : The first minute is really good with mastering, great ambiance too but are you sure the mastering is done on this one ? I mean I'm listening on not really good sound system but here it really hurt my ears... or maybe is it just a volume problem between the two parts.

2min15 : quite disappointed after this voice ... I was waiting for something that would make me dance :p

2min40 : The melody between 2:40 and 2:55 is not in the mood of the song in my opinion and is a bit "false" to my ears.

3h20 : Nice amen breaks :)

Hope i haven't hurt you but I tried to be complete in my comment ;)


icharyectone [be] - 16 years ago

Interesting theme. I can seperate three parts in this track Beginnig-mid-end. the beginning is good, but not superb, the midpart has a wonderful melodyline, and the end has a nice uptempo feeling. My advice is too rework and rework that song till the puzzle is complete.
truly yours,
ichar, the great.

edith [be] - 16 years ago

cool !really liked it !

brandtkalk [be] - 16 years ago

Hi Great Ichar! thx for your tips!
thank you Miss Edith, we are happy that you like this song!

Distreality [be] - 16 years ago

yes great one !!

thumbs up dudes !!

brandtkalk [be] - 16 years ago