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Distreality - Reality Check


Wanted to make a track specially for the ebel summerfest, ....( must say it worked on the dancefloor ^^ )
I was thinking about how human beings can run around without paying attention to what is happening around us...War,violence,.....
So it was time for a little Reality Check ^^

[URL=http://www.electrobel.be/media_gallery2.php?gallery=1359]Click here for some pics of the Summerfest[/URL]





rf061992 [be] - 12 years ago

yes, cool.....

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

thx rf !

babbaracos [be] - 12 years ago

I like the disorted guitare-ish tune very much, indeed has lots of drive.
Maybe add some extra synthlines though, especially the intro is a bit to empty imo; some fucked up high screaching or something? in any case; killer track!

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

thx for the support mate !

Gogole [be] - 12 years ago

yes ! good

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

thx gogole !

brambi [be] - 12 years ago

fat track!

crolerbedo [be] - 12 years ago

Sounds a bit too distorted, heum...too crunchy... But indeed, that gives it a dirty industrial feeling, which is nice in fact, so it's not "too" :)
good drive, surely an ass-moving track

ElPietro [be] - 12 years ago

Beeeery nice, liked it a whole of a damn lot... was good at the SummerFest too :D

I'm trying hard for something to say that might be improved upon, but I keep drawing a blank (but that might be the heat too ;) )


Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

glad y'all like it !!!

nono, ep it's not the heat it's just how good i am 8) ^^

Lordbone [be] - 12 years ago

Hier komt de beloofde comment xD

De track op zich is heel erg goed en nu komt de maar :p


de beats zijn iets de overpowered op je disto line die redelijk repetetief is. wat ik zou doen is je beats wat minder bassen en een grotere disto op je beat zetted dat je een tweek effect erop krijgt. zou beter erin passen want nu zijn de beats redelijk, normaal in vergelijking met je liedje.
je hi hats staan ook iets te luid; mss nog een noizy high effect erin steken en daar wat mee spelen? voor de rest super track ^^

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

thanx mate....

but here's my ' MAAR ' .... :)

it's exactly as intended, so it'll stay like that ^^

glad u liked it !


HarryPoppins [be] - 12 years ago

nice set overthere! =-)

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

well thank you harry !

demurge [be] - 12 years ago

kickass track! Dirty thumb up:)

MrNice [be] - 12 years ago

cool stuff man!!

BpOlar [be] - 12 years ago

nice darkish groove .... liked your performance also last saturday

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

thx for the everlasting support man !!!

nEUROLAND [be] - 12 years ago

Reality checked around me : no war, no dancer, no nothing, ?
Only good music^^

ELFENKOMMANDO [be] - 12 years ago

nice, although (imho) not one of your best man ... i would also shorten it in to 'bout 4 mins. or so ...

but then, this is only a first impression here at work (on pc-boxes) ... will have another go tonite when i'm @ home.

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

you check it again tonight bro....i think you'll like it better, caus honestly i'm really happy about it ;-)

thx for the support dudes

DeHomunculus [be] - 12 years ago

nice one! nice one indeed!

PsyAviah [be] - 12 years ago

cool fucking intro synth
nice drums too!

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

thx guys, appreciate it a lot !!

liquidbass [be] - 12 years ago

hell yeah this is smacking me to floor... really sounds like rebellion... deep sitting anger growing under repression machine... a very violent climate. The rise is terrific.

When the beats speed up... it feels like smashing somebodies head up... this is a soundtrack for a revolution

pure violence. be careful this track is dangerous.

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

wow thx man, that is one hell of a great comment !!!

ELFENKOMMANDO [be] - 12 years ago

i have to admit ... it sounds A LOT better on some descent boxes :))

+ favo's

kick ass track


Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

aaaaah, that's better 8)

thx m8, glad u like it !

PPLo [be] - 12 years ago

Kinda hypnotic work, great one.

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

thx man !!

Wasabi [be] - 12 years ago

I like this. Dreamin' away.

Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

thx man !

ElPietro [be] - 12 years ago


I was just listening to this again, and I must say: it's really goood! :D

Big up!


Distreality [be] - 12 years ago

thx m8, appreciate it a lot !

zodax [be] - 10 years ago

sounds gooooood

Rabauw [be] - 10 years ago

(dist)reality check! ;-)

Maakde gij eigenlijk nog platen?

I like the idea of putting in some vocal samples in the track, but at least you could've left them out of the distortion ;-). The song itself already feeds on distortion and basses, I would keep the speech samples clean if there's a message you want to convey to your audience.

Uptempo floorfillerke ja, gut gut alles supergut ;-)


Distreality [be] - 10 years ago

Thx mate...
Actually the disortion adds the flava to the vocs that i wanted on this one... Now the voice creates a certain atmosphere, a bit eery and i wanted that. You know me mate... i just love that crunch :)

Gejutsu [be] - 9 years ago

nice and raw!