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Letrange - cold spirit


I've put it in dnb section but wasn't really shure of the genre...
I like the mysterious athomsphere of this track.
I feal like in a cold and all wite world with a heavy and dense fog hearing some strange sounds...


edit: I've reworked it considering the advices of Cruize. Mainly worked the beat that I hope is now a bit more rolling... pushed down a bit the volume of that sweep sound and finaly I also solve that drop problem.

Don't understand why the comment of cruize desapeard after my edit!? explanations?





CruizeOfFiction [be] - 12 years ago


the sweep sound is pretty anoying, I noticed you panned it which proves eye for detail (so thats positive). how about making the sweep longer slower, and less static (more evolving and more background than so upfront)
basswork is nice

the drop (klimax after the intro) is kind of weird, it doesn't fall right in the structure (it should be moved half a bar or something I think)... dnb is pretty predictable in that view: the drop falls where people expect it which leads to crowdrespons (I know this tune isn't meant to be played, but its more a tip in case you want to make more dnb tunes in the future)

try rolling the breaks a bit more, instead of 2 times 2 HH's & a kick between two snares try two times a HH and a (volumed shorter) snare and a kick (so 1 hh & 1 ghostsnare which together take as long as the main snare)... maybe scratch the HH's during the snare as well it kind of gets you out of the flow

some nice experimenting overall
keep up!

ps: for that roling sound it always helps to "layer" an existing break (f.e. an amen) on top of you own break...

crolerbedo [be] - 12 years ago

weird track, some cool sounds, but yeah, follow cruize's advice and you'll get to something really cool... For now it's a bit unclear, when (for me) dnb has to be very clear and concrete

CruizeOfFiction [be] - 12 years ago

your break is realy phat now!
(still home-made or did you cut a loop this time?)

some parts seem a bit chaotic with those samples in the background...

good job, on to the next

ps: read forum for answer to the comment question

Skip [be] - 12 years ago

fat stuff, and good work on strange noises!
(just the main kick,snare and hh'ts are like verry much in the same equalising, maybe put each element in another channel and master seperately, kno what I mean? but not that nescesairy)
yeah,good stuff

Letrange [be] - 12 years ago

no only home made breaks actually I've tried to add a layer with a loop but it was really a problem in the rythm so I made my own stuff.

I agree that theres a more chaotic part but actually the voice that you can hear is a reversed sample from an interview of A Guy Called Gerald an he was speaking while his music was turning in the background... so there is ofcourse some totally "unstructured" sounds under my breaks. I think that's the thing but I like it, it's part of that weird feeling.

Thank you guys! these coments really helped me!

Anonymous [be] - 12 years ago

t'aurais du l'appeler spooks, mais le beat et les basses ossillées sont cool, retravaille avec une mélodie moins enfin plus mélodieuse quoi