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antares - Timetravel


After a long time (for me that is :p) back with a new track! I'm making an album right now (for phototropic records -> www.phototropicrecords.com spam spam :p) so that's why i didn't post tracks in some time. This one is a ambient/psychill/progressive kinda track. i'm really happy of the atmo, so tell me what you think :)
greets, antares





CruizeOfFiction [be] - 12 years ago


like this way better then that "opgefokte boenke fluo rechtendoor voor 7 bar en dan 1 bar minivariatie" music from these days

melo's & such are realy nice
but that upfront melo (3.55) sounds realy familiar (can't say from which song but when I sing it out loud (taa-ta-tada-ta-ta-tada-ta) I immedialty recognise it)...

deff thumb up
would do great (read: AWESOME) at some loungebar or something

Rag [be] - 12 years ago

Cool man, very nice melo's and atmosphere.
Good luck with your album one's again, i'll cerntainly buy it (slijm slijm :p)
see you tomorrow ;)

Erophin [be] - 12 years ago

Enjoyed that ! nice one

brambi [be] - 12 years ago

schoon feelgood nummerke!! enjoyed it!

antares [be] - 12 years ago

Tnx for the nice words guys :)

think [be] - 12 years ago

"journey into future consciousness"

Lapsus [be] - 12 years ago

super nice, very good work!
indeed the atmosphere is great, pads are flowing and very good melodies , i always tought youre goa music was more ambient side, maybe you should make more music like this, you are very good at it :)
real cool you'll release an album good luck with that.

Guga [be] - 12 years ago

verry cool nr

eckhart [be] - 12 years ago

excellent background chilling! nice one, and good luck with your album :)

stryder [be] - 12 years ago


antares [be] - 12 years ago

Tnx, glad everyone liked it :)

transynth [be] - 12 years ago

Nice trancy melo's again :) btw the intro was quite long for me, but it suits the picture so, go on making those tunes!Grtz

groovke [be] - 12 years ago

8min zweven door antares... :D loved it
nice track! nice melo's great atmo

flostie [be] - 12 years ago

maaannnn ...your good! not my style but i can hear your skills! your great with creating athomspheres, good with pads i guess . maybe you could try some voice samples or some tropical weird language singing
or something that gives more a character too the song something to remember it.now it's kind of cheesy and it's not something that you will remember easily, just try to be original inovate!but still awsome work!

antares [be] - 12 years ago

Tnx :) !

Anonymous [be] - 12 years ago

enjoyed it, but it was a little overloaded at the beginning, I felt. Didn't have enough space to adjust to the new universe. around 2:20 I thought it a little full. Otherwise great ambient, lovely atmosphere

Jeller [be] - 12 years ago

nice track! not really my style, but the feeling you created is well done

Anonymous [be] - 7 years ago

Hello, I have listened this track on YouTube and since that I'm trying to find the album for buying, but no luck. Pls help. My e-mail is intexvideo@gmail.com . Thanks, Zoltan