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MagneticDragon - Chemical Madness




Lapsus [be] - 8 years ago

this is goood! really really very good!
maybe one or two key changes that aren't great but thats of no importance!
its really good, the melodies and espiaclly some sounds which sound really oldskoolgoa :)
only minor is the sound wich is not that great.

but really nice work! , some parts sound really pro ;)

Doompater [be] - 8 years ago

Yo thx a lot lapsus , indeed some work to do on the sound , having some trouble with that. cheers

ShiZen [be] - 8 years ago

dees ga vet worden! wel n opmerkingske rond de 100/200 hz denkik zit een piek die er wa uit moet, uw kick en bass klinkt daardoor wa flapperig

jonananas [be] - 8 years ago

yepyepyep i like it very much :-) really a good job. keep making music in this style :-) booM!

surek [be] - 8 years ago

nice dude,very old school,the way I like my goa
cant wait to hear it finished

Doompater [be] - 8 years ago

Thx for listening

josh [be] - 8 years ago

Nice, but in my opinion it needs some more mastering

AnnoM [be] - 8 years ago

very good! work on it a bit and it will become a killertrack. grtz

Lapsus [be] - 8 years ago

yeah i listened to this again, really really finish this, i think this is your best track, i really like it, some parts are just great :)

Doompater [be] - 8 years ago

Thanks Lapsus, that motivates me. :) I'll try to improve it.