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DOubleD - the vibe


Let's do some hiphop

daily dose don't compeet for most forumposts
no ceremonial master or partyhost
i usualy start and see how far it goes
with shit i hardly know
no wonder DJ's put me on mic-embargo
although my mind 's my priceless cargo
i'm an occasional afterpartyghost
and if you supose druguse goes unexposed...
i'll tell you: every once in a while...
we feel trapped on an island
isolation makes me scilent
and i'm a gemini, armed with nothing but verbal weaponry
a rap-epiphany, jeopardised leopard
fire words like sprayed pepper
and let me wrap up with a quote from Frank Zappa:
"sometimes you got to get sick before you can get better"
but you'll need a fullfilling life to resurect from terminal illnes
from the wildernis we came and kept building this
pyramid shaped grid that gave control to the few
but it can evaporate like morningdew
the more they tighten their grip, the more slip through...
so what do we do? go through with the old or start a new?

i wouldn't know,

but it seems i easily put my dreams in rhymeschemez
and i farely rarely wear jeans
control my own life by any means
f**k the law and grow perpetual greens
26 rounds around the sun and not done
by now they know the flow from brussels to london
steady pace, no haste, don't rush or run
carry on with two beefpatties, special sauce, onions
lettuce and tomatoes on a sesamyseedbun
like arian one day i'll name my own strain
call it D's interplanetary escape from pain
wether you enjoyed or were enoyed by the rythmic shuffle
acknowledge Double Dose is a f**k rare truffle
flesh blown from your bones by infrasound
and dragonskin penetrating poems
words relatable to giants and gnomes
halfbaked on 48 uninterupted hours of Amenbreaks
entire generations make the same mistakes
fame is fake
lame ass days pass, equals fast distruction of grey mass
gammawaves radiate from spaceblasts
facin disasters of which consequences may last