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sitchin - 1is1


everything is everything * by Tom Sajdak
in the beginning, there was nothing. the nothing was vast, and empty. it could only be seen by the eyes of cats, and then only when they're halfshut. many thousands and millions of eons came to pass. and literally, out of nothing, one day a spark came into being. it filled the darkness, everywhere, with its faint glow of things to come, unknown. out of this once tiny speck of light, many things came to be. icecream. children. houses and motorways. some even say there are roads between the worlds, tunnels, slides, wormholes. you can feel it when the wind touches your skin. you can see it when you gaze upon a hologram. you know it when you decide your faith. two worlds collide. one person, tuned, to another reality. visions and shapes, of artefacts long forgotten. worlds on the oposite end of the multiverse. relax your soul and travel within. everything is everything, and everything is connected. every cell, every atom. intertwined in energy. intertwined in reality. intertwined in existance. what purpose do we serve? what is our final goal, on this sphere in the infinite smallness of a faint speck, in nothing. perceive the multiverse, but perceive not only you, for we are sent to "each other". time created. time is go. all we can do now, is wait and see. *vocals are voice synthesis*


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