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Gloomer - I got a little something


Lyrics : "Hey, I got a little something I like to lay on ya'll"

My songtitles of the last few years :

Terror of Helplessness
Follow the Tiger
Past Time and Space
December 2012 (vs Jonus Buick)
PSYOPS (vs DaKevinn)
Gloomy X-mas pt II
Gloomy X-mas (2012 Edit)
Hypocritical Bastards
Bas Kuijpers - Turn the beat back (Gloomer edit)
Ich bin ein Berliner
Commands into it
Native American Indians
The Portal (vs Room 23)
Xnay on the Estruction-Day (Jay30k cameo)
Menticide ft Donkey Kong
Zzzombie Bones (Gloomer edit)
Council on Foreign Relations
Federal Bureau of Intimidation
Know the Truth pt II
Do what Thou wilt
Es ist Da (Scopes Remix)
Telephone Tooth
Everybody Is Involved
Bother No One
Rather Paranoia
UPC barcode 666
The Aviary
Skull and Bones
Dark Matter ft. Digital Red
Es ist Da
They are you (vs Jay30k)
A cup of Joe, ft Tony West
Karma Blitz ft Tony west
They are you
The Elevator ft Tony West
Committee of 300
In heaven with You
Shape Shifting
Better off Without
NSA (DJ Nobody Remix)
Ricks Theme
Know the Truth
Suppress Humanity
Listen, the Humans are Gone
The Crows are Laughing
Max Planck
100 Procent Nightmare
Extradimensi onal Grin
The only way to control people is to lie to them
At the Ocean
Voice in your Head
Without Mercy
Into the trashcan
Project Paperclip
Holographic Inserts
Lost Time
Calm the Rage
Let us join with Them
Ranks of Violent Factions
Infliction of Extreme Emotional Distress
Rule of Law
Models of Synthetic Telepathy
Purpose of Assasination
Love is the Law
The Light-Bearer
Suffered at our Hands
Shadows of the Progenitors
Imaginary Time
The Change ft Tim Fehr
Keep The Enemy from Sleeping
Circulating Rumors
No further Action will be taken
Alpha Draconis
Disease of Unknown Origin
Telling this Story
Keep the enemy from sleeping
Screen Memories
Scenario of Returning
Get ready to Fly
Children of the Light
Just another dirty Sound
What is love ?
The Architect
Camera Obscura
Hidden Secrecy pt II ft. Cameron Cates
The Soulless Ones
Hidden Secrecy
Secret of Immortality
White Zombie
Acid Rain.. ft. DJ ON
SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence )
Morphogenetic Fields
Fear of Magic
Bohemian Grove
What about medications ?
High Level Matrix
"I speak fire" ft Bernadette Morelle
Dark Angel
The Nazi Scientists
Let's make Life Better
Hotel Bilderberg
Experienced by the Target
ultra low frequency (ULF) electromagnetic waves
Brain Dysfunction
Untold Horrors
Shape Memory
Babylonian Beast System
Street Theater
the Manchurian Candidate
Mind Molester
Fog in the air ft J-Staub
Illuminati Heroes
Oil Eyes
No little green men on Mars
Ancient Technology
Think in Energy
Project Carnivore
Get out of my dreams
A wet Summer
Liquid Computers
Mystery Schools
Water in Africa
Hit that person on the head
Deadly Serious
The Chair
Song for the dead
Good Old Friends
Left on the Field
Neurotic Explosions
Hospital Nighmare
Execution of the human pig
Must die first
Immortal Souls
Downstairs is better
They come to observe you
Out of service
Ah, life is good.
The Backup
Close your eyes
Blow my Mind
Unlucky Strike
Behavior Modification
I'll house you
Silent Land
Can't say that
Meat with brains
Chin up ft Tony West
Death becomes me
Tribute to Mortician
Jubka vs Gloomer ft. Tony West - Der Untergang II
Jubka vs Gloomer - Der Untergang
Revelations (with Tony West)
What I am
Beholding the Mice
Be my gift (with Tony West)
Quitter (with Tony West on vocals)
Coughing out loud
Neurotic Bunch
Is this the moon ?
Jubka vs Gloomer - Where whales fly
Make me insane
Temple of Gloom
Shattered Zoo
Keep the drugs out
Undiscovered Channel
Check your reality
Abbey of Thelema
Hysterical accelerator
Lost values
To my love
Minimal Bang
Sucking ego
Don't blame him.
No more codes
Scared for life
2 years and more
Craving to the grave
No pain, no gain
Gloomy X-mas
Welcome to my brain
Be my friend
Them are here
Alienated home sickness
Forgotten Echo
Dancing on graves
November Contact
Dusting the clouds
Jar Birds
'Yet unknown One'
Revelations 121212 [the 666-helix]
Our beloved pet, you !
150 mouchoirs blanches
Humanoid Conventions ?
Bits 'n bites c-camp
Eclectic Jaws
Fairy Deserts
Metallica ft "De Afzetters" - The Four Horsemen
Root of evil
Andromedian curtains
To the real world
Cricket & String - the untold story
Fire in da whole
Rather Paranoia
Vincent's homecoming
Bush left the building
Blow your Satan