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Carbura - Fluffy


Progressive house/trance. It might go over into a total trance track later, or not?

That's up to your comments.





djsennahoj [be] - 14 years ago

it's very good, but it's so clean it tends to sound easy... But anyway, thumbs up!

cestqui [be] - 14 years ago

the melo's are good,but the changes are to abrubt in the melo's;
this song,asks for more sensual melochanges or a lead,that makes it all stick together;

any way,good base to build on


djsennahoj [be] - 14 years ago

i just listened again... you know, i really dont how this can be called house. In my opinion, this is more trance than trance! Maybe is this what they call 'epic trance', the really confusing name for heavy melodical trance, cause an epic contains lots of tragedy... For what they call epic trance, it's is like an utopia, it creates a world that simply cannot exist, and it simply lacks tragedy. That's why i find it too 'clean', it is unreal... Maybe more polyphonics can make it more convincing (for me, that is). Or you could try to combine some same oscillator devices with diverent phase in one string. So you would have the magical Mathew Jonson strings (e.g. Marionette). I hope u understand where i'm getting at... greetz!

Carbura [be] - 14 years ago

Well djsennahoj; seems my biggest problem here on e-bel is that everyone always is labeling my tracks. I really don't care what kind of music I'm making. I'm trying to learn all this stuff about genres and everytime there's someone telling me that it's not in the right section. So far my labelphobia.

To be hounest, the last part of your remark make's sense to me....but it will take some time find out what "marionette ' is. I'll dl MJ. Maybe i'll get it.
Thanx for your remark.
I like the way you explain stuff, it makes me think...about a whole lot of.....(not rosie).

Maybe some day I'll give you a basic track wich I like (and made), and see how you finish it. Could be interesting. PM if intersted.

About the epic thing. Guess you'll find it in almost all of my tracks. Music always comes with a feeling. I don't dream at night (no time). I do it in my music.

aphone [be] - 14 years ago


I thought it was electroprogressivenoisytrance?????????????? :p
maybe try to use more pan on soundz to create kinda waves, work more on hihats ( too repetitive). I like the way you bring different vibes in it...(I do not not agree with CQI... :( )
the true is: I hate trance(...), but this is a fukn good work!
---> voted

DJerem [be] - 14 years ago

for the first time i dont like your sound !!!

i like the concept and the imagination but !!!


see you on your next track !!! +++