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DeF&Skin - Car 4


The first finished track from the great experimental-techno project by Davias and Skhun... Could be better equalized...
Enjoy !!


DeF&Skin top 5:




Samforce [be] - 17 years ago



Samforce [be] - 17 years ago


mik [be] - 17 years ago

Great track, doesnt get boring by one bit. real nice variations there.

Rythmics are great, and overal sound is muchor cleanor. good job :]

(The two last parts are the best imo!)

Samforce [be] - 17 years ago


It's the future of techno.

Romek [be] - 17 years ago

you find your own techno project 'great'?
ppl that call themselves great ... you know what I mean

the track: bwoi, I think it's clear that you know zip about today's techno (nor the old)
okay, 4/4 beat but so what
If this is the future of techno (don't make me laugh, please) ...
I mean, at 40", you get this cheap jump bassline, not my piece of cake
it's a good track for whipeout fusion IMO
but techno? nah
the string reminds me a lot of Insomina btw

mik [be] - 17 years ago

Just because someone makes a track that is not up to today or past standards doesnt mean he knows nothing about techno.

You talk about Samforce arrogance, but you should watch your own words.

Techno has became a generic for thousand of sub genres since quite a long time, live with it.

Romek [be] - 17 years ago


I'm arrogant, I know, but not about how great my own tracks are. Even top producers like oliver ho etc. don't act arrogant about their own songs ... so may I ask: what makes some ppl here at E-bel thick?

there are so many sub-genres now, in every style because styles are being mixed
I can surely live with that

btw, the real techno for me is still the one that I hear at parties, and that's definately something totally different that ppl are posting here in the techno section ..

Samforce [be] - 17 years ago


Davias [be] - 17 years ago

when I said great, it was irony :-) there is no great music : there is omly people who think music is great, maybe my tune is a piece of shit, it is possible, but I don`t care...

I will also said that I don`t like techno in parties (except techno that we hear in free-parties)...

Finally, the "DeF&Skin project" is a techno-based experimental project so the majority of tracks will not be real techno at all, but we post these in techno section because we can put two styles for a track (like techno and experimental :-) )

cestqui [be] - 17 years ago

huhahaha hihihi.........................

the e-bel quarel continues!!!!!!

btw romek has qualety,sorry to disapoint ya guys

and i also agree with ya all ,with the issue that techno has many subgenres,but let me remind you guys about the roots of techno(nasty wicked combinations,harldly noticable to the ear,but felt by the carma and soul)

some people say i'm too old,but i'm glad,that way i know what i'm talkin about

one thing is very clear on e-bel>>people are shortminded

and for all the yankers about money at party's>join i love money

friends of mine
and for all ya ravers>>who knows the golden years of rave and techno of
>RAVING ZONE< at casino oostende or nowaday's VIRUS,BEATFACTORY(all friends who support the scene at low prices)

all sayd>one advise>think some romek and be cool,and be open-minded and let go off those frustrations and live your life(in harmony with others)

thats what's techno about >unety

cestqui [be] - 17 years ago

oh yeah,one more thing

i really start to believe this e-bel is one big(actually small) club of friends who has the same opinion about some users and music

and e-bel is losing credibilaty,and users
we have 300 users!!!!!!whaw
but many even havent got any songs
maybe there workin on their first real finisched song that will never get finisched(isue of demo's and finisched songs)

may be good people dont wont any shit on e-bel(iff you read all those posts)and are afraid to join the forums on active bases
(i already know a lot,and there will be more off them)

iff this continues the e-bel club get smaller and smaller,until the friends club is left all alone

just my opinion,peace

kemi [be] - 17 years ago

Hey guys calm down, there's enough place on ebel for everybody !
May be "Techno" is too general. I'd be more comfortable with sub-style such as Tribal, progressive, Detroit, Hard Tek, Tek house, Retro...but hey, who cares.In which category do you place artist like Si Begg ? James Holden ? Technasia? hu ?

If you don't like a track and want to express your feeling then, please, be constructive and keep positive.

No matter how you call it, i really like the energy and the madness in this track. the second part (3.33) is top. in my own opinion better and crazier than the first part (too trancy) for me. the end is fabulous (4.35)...crazy stuff, i like it very much... Reminds me..well...SI Begg ;)

Peace Y"all

Davias [be] - 17 years ago

kemi > your attitude is the godd attitude to have ;-)
cestqui > I think it is you the friend of e-bel ?

cestqui [be] - 17 years ago

see it ass ya like>remember i dont shit in peoples face

but i noticed it are always the same people who give shit

as i am old(27 lol,meant sarcastic)i know there are difrent tastes ,and that ya got to live with it ,and i'm glad for it>so let us put our own taste beside us and judge like kemi says>i'm good for it,wouldent wont more,learned a great deal on feedback from some people
but i dont like the provocations of some people
like in this song,so i got to react on those things,it's just not right
greetz,and respect to all styles

cestqui [be] - 17 years ago

i like the second part of the song>like damon wild-joe beltram,but i think the filter drum loop part that connects the first part with the 2 nd has to much resonance,may be its the enveloppe(to much atack)>it squeecks too much

as for the first part of the song (that i dislike>personal taste)>i think you schould techotise the filtermelo loops with a bit of reverb>it sounds to close to clear to be realistic techno >ass for the atempt to combine 2 styles>great job

Davias [be] - 17 years ago

Thanx ;-)

woette68 [be] - 17 years ago

nice try guys :) keep up the good work
totally agree with ur last comment cestqui, respect all styles & spread the love!!

Arkitect [be] - 16 years ago

Great !!

I'd like to listen to more like these.

Anonymous [be] - 16 years ago

bangelijk lieke man:D

Philtamine [be] - 15 years ago

the beginning sound good but the song is too much different from the beginning to the end.

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago

bad song

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago

i don't like that at all

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago


stef [be] - 15 years ago


stryder [be] - 14 years ago

crappy in overall with good intermezz's, still very good shot at it!