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gangreneproject - Donnie's toolshed attachment


this isn't really experimental, but i can't find the proper genre ;) .it's just a song me and a mate made, we used a real guitar, all the rest is computer-made, we worked on it for quite a long time.

Comments are appreciated, cuz in the future we would like to make more electronica-ish songs with a guitar :)





agathokless [be] - 14 years ago

kool ambiance, ... dark, just as i like it. I would have used some more lofi-sounds, but then, that's just my personal preference.
pretty good mastering, but guitar is in my opinion a little too loud. - otherwise, pretty good. ain't 'my kinda music, nevertheless, i listened 'till the end.

end is fucked up though - well, no, there just ain't any, which is too bad. One might hear you guys had been on it for like a long time, and wanted to get it over with
give you an 6andahalf - but when you finish the ending, score could rise till 8

keep on workin' on it


ZARk [be] - 14 years ago

very nice ......

unfortunately there's still a lot of work, lots of dissonance with the guitar ...
really good start though :p
i can only encourage you to take it to the end.

crypto [be] - 14 years ago

benoit, goed bezig joengen.

nebel [be] - 14 years ago

nice! certainly if this is the first time you try this out. But the tune isn't perfect (know this is difficult, I tried this with a violin too and it has to be perfectly tuned, you also have to listen carefully if the instruments fit with each other f.i. violin and gitar live can play the same note, but it hears different, I think you have a bit the same with the gitar and the bells in my humble opinion)
Anyway, this is not easy at all
I think this is a nice song, like it, makes me think a bit of "of the wand and the moon"
Just interested: how (which tools) did you do your input for the gitar?