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AnaesThesiA - Human Psychology VI


The last one... dealing with jealousy.

It's supposed to make your brains itch, and when you listen to it with your eyes closed, you should be scared of someone giving you a punch in the face.

Designed to be effective at high volume :)





yenneman [be] - 16 years ago

A musical shot of adrenaline...really really love your style...a new fav's one!

heatfuse [be] - 16 years ago

splendid track! It is creapy, feels like being chased by a psycho...now I know how my victims must have felt :p

ROOM506 [be] - 16 years ago

Amazing track !

Think it over what I just wrote to you !

Kinet [be] - 16 years ago

Is this the new soundtrack for The Grudge 2 ?
a Scary Beauty !

Doorchaser [be] - 16 years ago

Great track! although to be honest I liked HP V more because of the agressiveness.

I felt this one needed a bit more variation. But I guess that's just a matter of taste!

The atmosphere is quite haunting i must admit. Is that a sample you use? Or is it genuine?

The effects and soundscapes are very effective!! Thats one of your talents and that's why I'll give you some more tracks in the future, to let them be mangled through your production machine!

BTW you have not yet answered to the question why this is your last HP.

cestqui [be] - 16 years ago

very monotone,until 2min50 there's no much change in those main melo's

the" dum de dum bazeline",is very boring for the whole song;

mastering is A ok,enough volume ,to make the brain melt;

it made me very uncomfartable,when listened out,that would be a succeeded experiment;


Kinet [be] - 16 years ago

what did you use for this track?

AnaesThesiA [be] - 16 years ago

Thanks for the comments everyone!

To reply to Doorchaser's questions:
-) No, i didn't use a sample for the background atmosphere, everything is genuine! The only samples in there are the drums ( which got a bit tortured of course :) ), i can't do those myself since i don't have a drumset nor microphones :(

-) This is the last Human Psychology, because there is a concept behind the series, and it came to an end with this one. With the HP's, i tried to give a musical form to some "state of mind's"/"complicated emotions" i don't like at all and for which i had to find an outlet. Except the first one, i think somewhere deep inside they're all me trying to deal with a certain situation. The first one is the sickening stress of waiting for something, and you just can't do anything about, coz' you can't calm down whatever you say to yourself, and it really makes you go nuts. The second one is infatuation. Most people love to be in love, i hate it... it gets you all obsessive and weak, but you just can't do anything about it. That's what the third one is about: the torment that comes with love when you know it can't work out, but can't put that person out of your head, and you don't know what to do about the whole situation coz' you're just a human being, and you can tell yourself whatever you want, as long as you don't feel it, it won't change anything. So you just tell yourself you can't see that person anymore, coz' you're scared that if you continue to see her, you'll lose her in a much more painful way anyway, but if you don't see her, inside you die, so you go nuts anyway. I wanted that song to have a very opressive atmosphere. The fourth one is like i said in the description: this weird feeling of everything fading away, and the further it fades away, the less you seem to care. That's why everything gets pure reverb towards the end of the song :) You know... i once had a girlfriend, and when she left me ( she just couldn't deal with my "darkness" anymore... ), i got a psychose ( and i wish for no one to get that, it's hell like you've never seen it before, and believe me, you BURN ). There were some other reasons for it too, but the essence of it was that i couldn't let go of things. I had to learn that. So that's what i mean: you build all this stuff up together, you do all those things, and then suddenly, you're just supposed the leave it all behind and forget about it, and it just didn't mean a goddam bloody thing. Anyway, it's a very complicated situation, and the result of it is that sometimes, you feel like you're the only person left on this planet, and you seem to accept it just because you have no choice, but deep inside, it hurts you like hell. Soit, the fifth one is what it sais: anger and frustration. Like those days you just feel so pissed you'd like to take a big hammer, and smash everything to pieces and scream your lungs out, then take an uzi, go on street, and shoot everyone ( oh my god, i must sound like a psycho after all this... i'm am not! ). I believe we humans are still animals after all, and that because of that we have some needs for violence, wheter we like it or not, and wheter society accepts that or not. We are forced to hold that up and ignore it ( which is of course a good thing in a certain way ), but how many people go nuts everyday? How many husbands beat up their wifes and kids? How many people get tortured? How many people torture animals to get it out? Loads and loads and loads... You just can't ignore it, we all have a violent nature deep inside somewhere. And that's what that track is about: you have it, you feel the need, but you can't let it out ( we're supposed to have something called "moral" ), so you get frustrated ( and taking your bike and go for a big fast ride is a way to calm down, but it doesn't take it all away... a punching bag helps more :) ). Of course, the agressivenes doesn't come showing his head juts like that, there are reasons for it. So many people are frustrated by so many things. Love is a good example once more. Somedays you just feel like snapping. And the sixth... it's the jeallousy of loving someone so much you can't stand to see that person with anyone else. The greed that comes with it, the disgusting repulsive envy. I hate it, i really do. It makes me feel sick. So i wanted this one to have this kind of "eyes half shut and teeth uncut" feeling. Anyway, that's why they are called "Human Psychology", coz' they deal with human state of minds, human psychology if you want.

To Cesqui: yes, i know, it's quite repetitive, but this song is all about that creepy atmosphere. I think it's one of those songs you are into from the first time you hear that bass line kick in, or it just leaves you cold. It's like Massive Attack's 100th Window: some people think it's the most boring, repetitive, meaningless, dull album ever, others ( like me ) think it's an absolute masterpiece, a psychological thriller in a musical format. But you also said it made you uncomfortable, so i think i succeeded in my purpose :) Of course, people have different tastes, and you can't please everyone. Thanks for the honest comment, and thanks for that compliment on the mastering.

And to reply to Kinet's question... err, what did i use... Don't know that by heart. Loads of filtered white noise, some signal generators, Hypersonic, PPG 2V, Anemone ( a free synth ), A1, loads of ( free amongst others ) plugs ( it's like i said in the "Best softsynth" discussion in the forum, i think my plugs are my favorite instruments ), and loads of automation. The song ( like all my electronic songs ) was made with Nuendo 2 ( sometimes i used Cubase SX 2, but the difference between the two for stereo mixing is nihil... they have the same interface, and the same audio engine ).

I think it's like the author of the "Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac" comics wrote in his liner notes ( i forgot his name :( ): I think we all have a little monster inside us, and the HP's ( his comics in his case ) are like my little monster.

Rabauw [be] - 16 years ago

Wow this is pretty breath-taking and astonishing! Pro-stuff!

cestqui [be] - 16 years ago

man ,so much text

thats why people ,misunderstand mine,its always short and punchy

but ya got my message,without saying this is my actual style!!!

and yes,experiment succeeded,if this was in a movie,i would pay more atention to the sound,then to the motion pitcure,lol

greeeetz,untill next experiment

heatfuse [be] - 16 years ago

'100th window' is more than brilliant, it is...is there a better word for 'brilliant'?...it is god-like! yeah...'god-like' comes pretty close :p

Sorry, couldnt resist making this statement ;)

Doorchaser [be] - 16 years ago

Second listen on a very crappy soundcard at work. Beginning to like it more (knowing the background of it) Good work going to put it in the favs!

reaman [be] - 16 years ago

i'm biased by everything i read while listening to the whole track.
I got captured from the beginning and went along till the end. You're building up a climax very intensely and the song was over too soon for me. It still misses something (a real climax maybe) although i find it yet a hell of a good job. I'm jealous. With different sound it could've been a Tool song. Maybe the baby screaming in the next room gave it some extra horror-tension. Will listen again to relive and see if it sustains as a whole!
After second audit: at 5'30" the synth falls away and the rythm continues... i would've liked it the other way round.

Carbura [be] - 16 years ago

Amazing track!!! Reminds me a lot to KONG! I'm speechless.......

kiande [be] - 16 years ago

johnen vasquez (also the artist behind the invader zim series)

icteder [be] - 16 years ago

brilliant track added to favorites

ReftsidelighT [be] - 16 years ago

cool stuff man!!

kaoz [be] - 15 years ago

this is the ultimate Giger soundtrack! very NIN, i think.

DJerem [be] - 15 years ago

Exellent Intro !!!
Nice Sound !!!
Like It Very Much !!!
That's Good Noise !!!
Add To My Favs Of Course For The
Dark Ambiance

Anonymous [be] - 15 years ago

very nin, very nice!

SUCCUB [be] - 15 years ago


MarionXue [be] - 15 years ago

Nothing more to say! It's goood
Ok, bit the same, but, consider this as a soundtrack where things happen, or as a translation for a state of mind as he said..
Nice work!

MKI [be] - 15 years ago

vraiment bon

YouthRevolt [be] - 15 years ago

aight, creepy atmosphere ... nice.

user [be] - 14 years ago

Just listened this part, put it in favorites,
and listened the first part, convinced me saving the whole series,
clear and effective stuff, very impressive