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rool (ntk) - liquid pleasure


my very first minimal acid track, using the 303-simulator of noisetrekker for the first time ever. i was on a roll with this one, i couldn't stop.

the strange bubbly sound you'll hear at the beginning came from a faulty mp3-rip, which i looped and pitched. all the bass sounds were created with the noisetrekker-synth. i rendered the track just a bit too loud, to give it a somewhat crunchy feel. i have yet to correct some mistakes, but i just couldn't wait to get your comments.

(edit 11/01/2009: corrected some mistakes, and added a sample to enhance the 'restart')
(edit 07/05/2009: remastered, lowered the volume of the basskick)
(edit 26/05/2009: reworked the drums again, they're giving me a headache)

clip from this track at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju99MdlyKLE

(composed with noisetrekker 2final - 126 bpm)





RedVade [be] - 11 years ago

nice one, thumbs up

hosmOz [be] - 11 years ago

yup nice one,was just expecting something more original to introduce your beat at the second start.

kvain [be] - 11 years ago

surely can get in the mood with this one... good work

particle [be] - 11 years ago

cool :) the snare sounds somewhat cracky once in a while

rool [be] - 11 years ago

thanks guys. particle, that cracky snare is because i rendered the track too loud... so it's a bit distorted, but to me that actually sounded quite cool. it gave it that crunchyness i was looking for.

question though, this track sounds ok (well, except for the distortion accent) when i play this using my headphone or my speakers, but in my car the bass is way too loud in my opinion (whereas other non-rool tracks don't seem to sound too bassy). do you guys think my tracks are unbalanced? any tips?

Anonymous [be] - 11 years ago

Retro! Nog net geen ACIIIIIIID sample.

Cfrasier [be] - 11 years ago

I'm in the states and I've never listened to house,techno or acid or any of that.I couldn't begin to decipher my way through the genre's but that was pretty fuckin' cool.If I'm gonna listen to some shit from another part of the planet it better be persuasive.Entertaining.
It's a whole different world in cali.

AnnoM [be] - 10 years ago

i'm not very fond of your bassline, but that's a matter of taste. nice oldskool retrotrack. nothing to add.

Anonymous [be] - 10 years ago


rool [be] - 10 years ago

'fgf'? what is that?

annom, cfrasier, thanks for the kind words

kvain [be] - 10 years ago

very praga khan alike....