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Member since: 16 years
Last Logged in: 8 years
Mood: unstablelism


Profession: student
City: hasselt
Age: 50 years
I Compose: Electronic funkadoodle and bavarian hochzeitmusiek
with: roland drumpad spd-s hammerfall dsp multiface soundcard
cubase, reason, cool edit
I Mix: herring style
with: a herring
I Play: Electronica
with: drumpad


Total Posts: 350
Last Post: 10 years in EGON FISK EP out now on UBD REC.
Total Comments: 2238 (0.4/day)
Last Comment: 11 years in Wip Wop
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Last Listened: 9 years @ nylon nancy
Total Songs: 49
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I love lots of different music styles but elektronic music was my first love.imo there should'nt be any musical bounderies because every style has its own feel, thus its own quality.Not that i like them all but i always try to listen to new stuff,expand my horizon in every way possible. i really love autechre,aphex twin ,some stuff from squarepusher and mouse on mars but also zappa, mike patton and his projects,gil evans and al kinds of hiphop bands(wu tang,gravediggaz,mf doom..)so sitback and try to enjoy what i have to offer.umberteknecht.

edit 2006: you can do it