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Member since: 11 years
Last Logged in: 5 years


Profession: Human
City: 19303 Acid airport
Age: 47 years
I Compose: acid, elektro, minimal, jungle, hip hop, thrash, ambient, experimental, Psychedelic, impro, urban, noise
with: Korg electribe MX1 - SX1, Korg MS2000R, Roland TB-303, Roland TR-808, ROLAND TR-909, Future Retro XS, MFB Synth II, Dave Smith Instruments Desktop Evolver, Kenton PRO2 sync, DTRONICS SYNC THRU, MIDI Solutions MIDI THRU,Behringer Eurodesk SL-2442fx pro, Packard Hell Pentium 4 Line-in, Bunch of Audio & MIDI/SYNC cables
Wavepad demo version
I Mix: Acid , elektro, Techno, hip hop, core, ambient,
with: Gemini PT1000 x2 - Behringer djx700


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Last Post: 9 years in 26 April Migraen-Tracktor @ bxl
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Last Comment: 8 years in BEER MONSTER
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I am the human member of the Tunnel One band.

Not so Lo-fi crap anymore.

19303 - swfd