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Why must I fill in a proper description for a song ?

13 years ago

Many new users coming here on the site are often irritated when they see their first songs rejected because of an empty or incomplete description.

I will try to enlighten you to our ways.

1/ The description is a written description of your song. It helps listeners visualize what your intentions are. If you have lyrics in the song, put them there.
2/ The description can help listeners understand some of the choices you made
3/ You don't talk about FightClub
4/ The description is a great way for you to put keywords on your song ! The Electrobel Search Engine uses those ! Also google and other search engines will be able to show your page when people search for those keywords.

So where do people see my description ?

1/ On the song's page
2/ In the Electrobel player
3/ On Facebook when your song is validated (And if you allowed Ebel to post your songs on your wall)
4/ On Facebook when people used the SHARE link, or just copy/pasted your song
5/ On the Electrobel embedded flash player for myspace or other html site
6/ On Google or other search Engine's results page.

As you can see filling your description is really in your best interest.
But all arguments aside, filling in a good description is a way of showing your involvement in the song you made. That it wasn't some auto-generated piece of garbage, but something you put your soul and thoughts into .