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Renfield - Shine


Dreamy trance music

4min short version

Feel free to give comment.
Good or bad.

Thanks to Hilde en Koen





ZARk [be] - 20 years ago

just can't help but make me smile.
Sunny music :)

Ish [be] - 20 years ago

Shivers down my back. Summer was back for 4min on this rainy day!!! ;-)

Elkhor [be] - 20 years ago

Good track really . I like the melody
Sun is shining in this dark day;)

Ro5 [be] - 20 years ago

Very smooth, melodic trance is not my genre, but I really liked it!

Good chosen soundpalet, the sounds really fit together.
(I'd add something more raw and distorted
to make a contrast, but that my personal taste. Don't change it.).

Classic composition and arrangement, really done by the book.

Very good mastering (listening through headphones right now).
You convinced me: I must try T-Racks myself.

Well done, I can't wait to hear more from you!

IOU [be] - 20 years ago

Nice, very nice... indeed a happy sound, one of my favors on the site!!!

stardust [be] - 20 years ago

It's like i said in Dance for you! This one confirms it again.

Anonymous [be] - 20 years ago

En toch komt het mij bekend voor, net of ik het al eens gehoord heb. :D Maar't blijft gewoon leuk! Wanneer komen de andere versies? :)

Anonymous [be] - 20 years ago

Amai, tis echt megagoe!!!
Zet dit nummer maar op cd, en ik zal het als eerste kopen (of downloaden :-))

keep up the good work!!!


een charliemedewerkster(behind the scenes) en vriendin.


FlashyJ [be] - 20 years ago

[B]Please use english language on electrobel ![/B]

I love this track too , of course ;) really nice & professional !

bjornc [be] - 20 years ago

nice relaxing song!..
i hope you can get record deal for this .. but then you got to ad more stuff like: voice or sounds..


eddie [be] - 20 years ago

real nice track! bring in some sexy blonde babe to sing on it and you will sell a couple thousand records. thumbs up!

FlashyJ [be] - 20 years ago

Why blonde ? redhead rules !! haha :)

bjornc [be] - 20 years ago

by accident . i came back on your song! ... WIIIiwww liking it more and more

PlanetsCitizens [be] - 20 years ago

This is what I call "Hope music". Imagine it with a good female voice sometimes, whispering... Good job!

djolyen [be] - 20 years ago

Very nice trancy sunny track! I like trance music, because it seems like a nice summer or winter sunny day! Merci!

DJtjaalz [be] - 20 years ago

I think this is the best song ever here on electrobel! good work.

Dreamchaser [be] - 20 years ago

I just listened to this song and I was certain I heard it before. Now I remember why, Tranceke posted it on the Telenet forum a while ago. I think it's really great. In the summertime, nice weather, driving my car, windows open and this tune on my carradio, that would be fantastic.

Psychobass [be] - 20 years ago

Realy realy nice !!!

omfg I liked it


Euforia [be] - 20 years ago

Together with Ish's "Touched By an Angel" most definitely the best Trance song on this site. This melody is of international allure. If i had a record company, i would make this the European Summerhit 2004. Superb!!

Gaspaar [be] - 20 years ago

It's just great

djkuco [be] - 20 years ago

wow, your on a good way!!!

this is a very well balanced track. nice melody's that are realy full of sunny vibes!!

you got it going on mate!!

Dreamchaser [be] - 20 years ago

Thx for commenting my song. I promised I'd comment everyone who comments me back, but in this case that's not that easy, since this is your only song and I already commented it a while ago. Anyway, as I said before, I really like this one. Sounds very professional and ready for a release, only remark I can make is that it already has been done a lot of course, it isn't very original. But what the hell, I still love to listen to it, it's really great when the sun shines and I have that lovely summer mood.

lolo24 [be] - 20 years ago

i think you could make a lot of money with this song but i personally think it's cheap

MrV [be] - 20 years ago

I had a try because it's rated as number 1 but it's really not my kind of thing! Sound quality is very cool! Maybe a lack of contrast for this specific genre.

Euforia [be] - 20 years ago

It's simply a very good choice of notes. However it is not as simple to come up with those notes :) Probably one of your proudest moments in music production. The Eureka feeling must have been present after you first played this tune. To me this is about as good of a summertune as the invention of the wheel :D

eckhart [be] - 20 years ago

the melody is very cool, outstanding harmonies ! this is music coming from the sky !

Thaizer [be] - 20 years ago

Great!!!!! I really like this one.
Try to sell it, i'll buy it thats for sure!!

Bendir [be] - 19 years ago

Sorry but, in my opinion, the track really sucks, it reminds me "Blue" or "Ace of base". I've got the impression that I've heard the same track a thousand times before...
I don't understand how a track (hmmmmm) like this can be the most listened one....
So good continuation...

arnO [be] - 19 years ago

waw this muzik is verry verry nice
i like it

Impulse [be] - 19 years ago

Great job

BruceMcGate [be] - 19 years ago

Wholy cows !!

Mooi werk hier , kan het niet laten van een lachje op men mond te laten verschijnen .

Man , dit mastering en mixen werk is helemaal af .

Gemaakt met ?

Echt nice man !


Doorchaser [be] - 19 years ago

Normally I'm not in to trance (at least nowadays), but I know a good song when I'm hearing it. And this one definately sticks. Great melodyline!


copa [be] - 19 years ago

i share the opinion of bedir. good mastering, good sounds, but so been there done that

heatfuse [be] - 19 years ago

a really neat production, but I've heard similar stuff a zillion times :( . I'm not much of a trance fan though, so I think most people will really dig this...

Anonymous [be] - 19 years ago

good music, thank you i'm a french speak small english.

Anonymous [be] - 19 years ago

Very very very nice !!! So uplifting. Please make more music of that type.


kiande [be] - 19 years ago

very competent, this could end up on a trance compilation immediately.

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

tis wel goe kerel..kvint wel commercieel liedje

HarryPoppins [be] - 18 years ago

not my cup of tea

TheLaB [be] - 18 years ago

Outstanding !! No doubt about it !!!!

dialekte [be] - 18 years ago

oh yeah poppins, u have right!!! A trance track on first,it's sucks.

dyonix [be] - 18 years ago

I don't like this style but a good construction..
Dyonix !o)

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

pas mal mais sa sonne tro techno de flappy

heijoo [be] - 18 years ago

Clean work... Well done!

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

awsome, i love dance music. thatd hot.

Bigren [be] - 18 years ago

a little boring this song too repetitive i think

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

I'll never understand trance.. so this is "good" trance??

stryder [be] - 18 years ago

yeeaaa iets in de aard van
'ik zie je graaaaaaaggggg'
'de hele daaaaaaaagggg'
'kon ik maar bij je zijn en kon ik maar een konijjijijin zijijijnnn'
toch wel vet ze, alleen de tekst ontbreekt
tiestoooo is iieieieirrr

IsSeN [be] - 18 years ago

nice sunny track. simple but nice...

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

it's nice you can put so much feeling in your music...it makes peoplelisten it time after time...

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

How can it be "dreamy" with those drums belting away? It would wake anyone up!

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

Yeah THAT'S good :-D really cool guys !

insanity [be] - 18 years ago

yas very nice! makes people feel good and wait for the summer!


Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

Nice try!!
I'd like the melody,=)

TheThreatOfDawn [be] - 18 years ago

Honest and direct feelgood trance!! I like it!

Robby [be] - 18 years ago

The Dutsch "artist" SASCHA already did such tracks!! Maybe for the football fans...with 30 beers in the head

MaX [be] - 18 years ago

it make me feel nothing

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

after 2 years of release on this website it has been a pleasure to read some nice and not so nice comments on our song.... We keep on working on the productions that we "have' to make , and the best has yet to come.... grtz from B and K and H and K and S .......

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

this kind of music is what's making the world a crappy plastic place.you should be ashamed of yourselves, liking crap like this. just makes me sad....

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

I like this

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

Shitas bija paaraak popsiigs prieksh manis. Paaraak viegls un puukains. Sorry.

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago


Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago


bartv [be] - 18 years ago

tja wat moet ik daar nu op zeggen...

gewoon keigoed en kei proffesioneel in mijn ogen :-)


animale [be] - 18 years ago

dunno why people put this sucking track first on ebel..

animale [be] - 18 years ago

it's the only song reinfield post on ebel? maybe ha was ashamed and change his login.. does somebody know where's our masterproducer n*1?
fuck me I'm jalous :)

melodikpinpon [be] - 18 years ago

not my cup of tea

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

awesome the best has yet 2 come

Anonymous [be] - 18 years ago

Honest......it sucks.....it sounds just like one of the other thousand songs like it. Time to grow and mix those drums up and come up with something new.

Tink [be] - 18 years ago

i like it :) fuck what people say ! PAN PAN

its a bit to happy for my usual taste but it does sound nice and does remind me of summer days :) like huge partys ect ..

ok i agree it sounds like some other happy trance/ techno songs weve heard before , but it doesnt mean its bad !

im keeping it :d:x

well done :)

aphone [be] - 18 years ago

shit , im always surprized of the ebel top... this track is very well done. man its just my personal taste but for me, "la trance ça pue" :D

fabethefabulous [be] - 18 years ago

extremely repetitive dsl

stryder [be] - 18 years ago

sun and cheese.

the cheese molt and became a putrid heap of moist :P

still a likeable song in some sense...

MarX [be] - 18 years ago

yep this is indeed very good sounding, production is flawless.... but like others said, it's been done a trillion times before...
So, why is such a commercial tune that's totally not original nr. 2 on ebel?? it's a pity...
and renfield do not take this personal...


IsSeN [be] - 18 years ago

and because it has been done a trillion times before, it can't be a good song? not the argumentation we expect though

Jeller [be] - 17 years ago

very well produced.. not my style tho

way too cheesy for my taste

melodies are very good too, but again not my style

still thumbs up off course

DelinQuente [be] - 17 years ago

nice trance lead keep up the good work

Quinslonn [be] - 17 years ago

the spirits of the everlasting moments went right across my hart of endless beauty and love truly this is... alleen samson en gert ontbreken nog yankadoodeldee

Sapaj [be] - 17 years ago

very classic
i'don't like but is good buid

Djinn [be] - 17 years ago

sun on the beach ! LOL
Nice song !

transynth [be] - 17 years ago

Yea well although many people don't like this track and kind of music, everytime when this track plays over here it fills one up with joy, really great sounds you made and those background pads sound very very good :) Grtz

Anonymous [be] - 16 years ago

Yeah! :D Great Song!

Anonymous [be] - 16 years ago

Nice song ! Summer style !

tiger001 [be] - 16 years ago

classic trancy song, little jumpy // indeed feel good // into FAV's // sometimes a bit 2 classic -if u know what i mean- but let's not forget this song is more than 5 yrs old !!! // ending (fade - out) is nice // try to break open the mix by EQ the MID a bit lower and enhancing LOW end // try Multiband compressing to get an overal pro sound...

Jesslen [be] - 16 years ago

Hmmmm, why could the weather not be like this music! It would be a perfect day to learn! Great track! love it!!!

bjornc [be] - 16 years ago

after hearing this song for a few years it still doesnt bore me .. good stuff wiiii let the sun shine!

Tomastar [be] - 15 years ago

First one I listen it. How can I miss that ! Oo
Not my style of music but this one is great. I love this victorious melo ^^
Nice one dude!

Stephane [be] - 15 years ago

woww really amazing construction of the song ,good color of the song.

my respect and congrats

Trancefusion [be] - 13 years ago

Nice !! Very very very Nice !

Nagato Dashimi [be] - 6 years ago

This is summer !! WauW Feel good music !!