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Kinet - HC-3


This is a track from the Hars cd, made 2 years ago together with Irish cellist Claire Fitch, again a music-collaboration. In this case i made the song and sended it to her, she improviced the cello part and sended it in a raw wav file to me for mixing.
I hope one day i'll finish this cd, i'm a bad finisher ( wish i had more time....:s)

Let me know what you think about it, i need some stimulation....





MrDeVille [be] - 16 years ago

you can do lots of things with it. maybe with a beat?
it's rather good as it is. I would ad some orchestral sounds and percussion if I had the chance to play with it.

Kinet [be] - 16 years ago

well, this track cannot be changed, only mastered after i have all the tracks. It's registered like that because of Claire's part.
I have other similar tracks, not finished i note your remarks for them.
thnx, mrdeville

heatfuse [be] - 16 years ago

oh man, a collab with a cellist!! that's like a wet dream to me :p I love this!! I can already imagine the movie! this doesnt need any beats or anything. sure you could make a nice electronic track out of it, but that cello playing solo is so intense and full of emotions. respect! this one goes to my favs

DJerem [be] - 16 years ago

One Word : Beautifull !!!

"give me lot of pleasure" !!!

Good Job !!!

Kinet [be] - 16 years ago

thnx guys,
really appreciate


Doorchaser [be] - 16 years ago

Nice!, Really Nice it's like an entire orchestra playing the soundtrack. I love it! I really aprreciate the soberness in this one so I wouldn't add a beat to it in my personal opinion!

One for the favs indeed!

MarionXue [be] - 16 years ago

Very beautifull, a cello always works so nicely!
Conratz, love the track! Would like to hear more!

Kinet [be] - 16 years ago

thnx,Doorchaser & MarionXue,
Actually, "Icelander" is also a piece of the Hars project, i've got more tracks but i'd like to work them out.
And you all encourage me to do so in the coming weeks....

i appreciate

:) :)

yenneman [be] - 16 years ago

YES! From the first notes I heard I was captured!! Takes my breath away, awesome!

Now where's that fav-button?

lorsen [be] - 16 years ago

more than beautifull!!!!!


Kolf [be] - 16 years ago

beautiful, the silences in the peace, hesistations enlights a grandeurish feeling. i don't now how to explain...

Kinet [be] - 16 years ago

thanx Kolf, you did it beautifully :)

aphone [be] - 16 years ago

so beautifull but oooh so sad

superb emotional track
+1... and if this beauty where mine, I would try to bring a lill beat and a bass line

reaman [be] - 16 years ago

today it's not the first time i hear this track. Just commenting it now because i was touched by it - i was in the mood for this beautifull track. It's warm, the sounds blend together perfectly. Very beautiful.

Kinet [be] - 16 years ago

thank you Reaman, i allways appriciate your comments.

Well, all the good reactions on this track makes it that i'm working on the project again. So in the coming weeks more of this will be available.

aphone [be] - 16 years ago

listening again luv it again

Kylen [be] - 16 years ago

So relaxing.. So pure... So good !!! :)
Congratulations ;)

Bedlam [be] - 16 years ago

Sooooo beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!
Sooooo intenseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!
Sooooo powerfulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!

If you made the same compo with and electronic cello it wouldn't be much of a hit but with the acoustic it's beautiful :)

Kinet [be] - 16 years ago

thank you Bedlam,
it's big support for the coming live session next 20th of may. (more info is coming soon)
I hope to do it as good there^^.

Kleptomik [be] - 16 years ago

Beautifull... perfect soundtrack !

Kleptomik [be] - 15 years ago

yes, yes... i understand perfectly this sound. Nice and with chapeaux fourrés

Sapaj [be] - 15 years ago


Kinet [be] - 15 years ago

thanx, Sapaj.

Phye [be] - 15 years ago

this is definately a musical masterpiece, though emotion in it somekind of reminds me of a little kitten, lost in the snowy world, seperated from the mother... or something depressing like that, enjoyed, all the way

Kyran [be] - 15 years ago

Beautiful song. The cello part is awesome. Can't say anything more about it, it's perfect as it is.
+ fav for sure!

SylvaindeMerode [be] - 14 years ago

Peaceful, i'd like to find some stuff to record my violin such as this.

HarryPoppins [be] - 14 years ago

very nice!

rf061992 [be] - 13 years ago

very good work man.... ouchhh

Bedlam [be] - 10 years ago

Like very very much :)