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Rabauw - Empire


An ancient emperor, old, withered and crippled, knowing the end has come and death is just a matter of days, is writing down his memories, and strikes a balance of his life:
“For more than 50 years, I have commanded and conquered, and expanded my empire. So many countries I have united as one. So many tribes I have conquered. So many blood has been shed in my name, under my sign and banner. And still poverty remains. And still corruption reigns. For more than 50 years, my sole purpose was to bring stability and prosperity… For what was it all worth…?”

I started this song somewhere in February or March of this year, and now it’s finally finished. A 10-minute ride through a mix of thrashy attacks, with calmer doomy parts and lots of dreamy solos. It turned out just the way I wanted to. Close your eyes and fly back into ancient times…


Servants pour wine in my chalice
The troubadour sings of my heroic deeds
All the known world loves and fears me as I write my memories

You control that what fears you
Hence my reign of terror
With iron fist I ruled and built an empire
The will to expand has led me to the vastest regions and lands
Through years of war and bloodshed we’ve finally come to peace

Much is owed to the innumerable men that gave their life
Who fought and died to defend lord and land

For what was it all worth…?

All my life the soil was painted bloodred
And I hope it was for the very last time
Time and again I’ve strived to bring prosperity
To end the suffering for the very last time

You control that what fears you
Hence my reign of terror
With iron fist I ruled and built an empire
The will to expand has led me to the vastest regions and lands
Through years of war and bloodshed we’ve finally come to peace

For what was it all worth…?

Much will be owed to the innumerable men that will give their life
Who will needlessly fight and die to defend a corrupted land


Rabauw top 5:




    RSN128 [be] - 12 years ago

    Vocals are kinda special...
    But I did like the instrumental parts.

    HyeVolture [be] - 12 years ago

    Really awesome track man! Reminded me of "edge of sanity" and "rotting christ", don't really know if these bands still exist today though ;)
    no really, very nice to hear some metal on ebel, as I already said to you once, this is the stuff I like very much: metal that takes you away, makes you float on the waves of the slow dark doomy guitarplay. nice man, thumbs way up!

    rf061992 [be] - 12 years ago

    the return of mr Rabauwwwwwww....
    very good dramatic track ....
    10' 37"....plz
    do you like "Grotus"?..... :))

    Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

    Thanx RSN, Volture and rf!

    Don't know Edge of Sanity but yeah I think Rotting Christ still exists.

    Grotus?? Never heard of, don't know them at all.

    yenneman [be] - 12 years ago

    Are you aware of the fact that you're putting lots of pressure on yourself? Even though your output of songs in 2007 was fairly small compared to previous years, the quality has risen once again. Scars of Penelope and this one must be your most accomplished works to date...I wonder if 2008 will bring even better works, I'm eager to find out.

    This is an epic and massive tale, of which I think I'm not qualified to criticise it. Sound, structure and transitions are great, atmosphere is even better...love that industrial sounding start.

    The one (and only) thing I kind of expected were a few bended notes in your leading instrument/solo thingy.

    What a great Christmas gift this is...

    Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

    Thanks a lot Yen!
    Hmmm yeah the bended notes... there are 2 or 3 little bends throughout the song, but maybe it's difficult to notice.

    As for 2008 I plan on continuing this way, making long spun-out tracks with lots of atmosphere, maybe experiment more with irregular patterns and time sigs.
    Thanks for listening and support! Cheers to you!

    Erophin [be] - 12 years ago

    Exxellent ^^ lov the dramatic, and epic atmo, and the quadripple bassdrum ^^
    thx for being different ^^ Good voice m8, melody has wierd features at some points, maybe it could be bettered, anyway phat track ^^

    Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

    Thanks man! What do you mean exactly with "weird features"? You mean about the solos? Cos all that's in the song, was meant to be there.
    Happy to be different :-)

    CruizeOfFiction [be] - 12 years ago

    I realy like, used to be into metal couple of years ago..

    only thing is that I believe mixing & mastering could be a bit better

    thumb up

    reaman [be] - 12 years ago

    The solos are very convincable and long enough to please my solo-loving-ears.
    The one at 8'08" till 9'05" is the best but the end of the song after "For what was it all worth" is killing me... Very good!

    Their are some very very good parts - personnaly I prefer the part after the break around 6'30".

    A very epic story that takes us by the hand. I've noticed that when you insert the story behind a song it all sounds more convincing than just posting a song and saying sumtin' like "Hear, eat this..."

    as for structure... this song has enough variation not to bore a second

    now the less good parts/elements:

    in the final part the hihats are a bit too much upfront and don't sound very clear, it's like there is an effect on it. It sounds a bit plastic.

    The leading synth is a tad too loud compared to the sound of the guitar that could have a little more crisp... now it sounds a bit muted (I've said that before - that's just my taste)

    Anyway, a big thumbs up - if it wasn't for the work, it is for the variation, the metal, the vocals, the structure and originality.

    Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

    Hmm, there's no particular effect on the cymbals but maybe I could lower the volume a bit.

    I know what you mean about the guitars and I actually tried it the way you just mentioned but then the mix all fucked up ;-). The way it sounds now is the best balance I could give to the song and to my satisfaction.

    Funky [be] - 12 years ago

    Totally dig the chords you begin with... Nice break aftwards... Calmly retaking... Really excellent story & buildup... Very impressed by your structure... You've found some excellent combinations & lately I have the biggest troubles finding me a good compo/structure/story... It's not easy, therefor...heads off even more ;) Your first solo sounds a bit to 'linear' in my ears... It's good...but i'm a big fan of psychelic non static solo's wich kinda come out of the track... Also miss some bending in those first notes... Wich makes it lets say ' a more natural solo(s)... I hear that further one, near minute seven, the solo's come alive & are more vivit... Really nice! The chords you retake at the end (from the beginning) are REALLY good... This is the best part imo.... Have you tried a wah/tube on your solo guitar? Maybe you can vary with some more dirty/clean sounds in you solo's?
    There you took the time to make a long & excellent compo, I took my time spilling my guts a bit... Pls do take my suggestions/comments as constructive critisme :) Thx also for getting my attention to your track... Hadn't seen it pass.. ( Busy days lately)... Totally happy you did because enjoyed it a lot!! Grtz hombré! ;) & Season Greetingz hé ;) (Happy Newyear!)

    Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

    Nice comment, some good advices in there, thanks a lot! Sure I always take it as constructive criticism, you know that ;-)

    Maybe I should take a look again at inserting some more guitar bends...

    Anonymous [be] - 12 years ago

    Another Lick-Ass (damn, those keyboard buttons are close to each other!) performance! :)

    I've seen the lineup of Graspop2008 is not yet completed. Shall I wait with ordering tickets, and aim for the backstagepass? ;)

    Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

    merci maat!
    yes backstage, then we can Iron Meedoen met den Bruce Dillingerson ;-)
    Buzze tu!

    transynth [be] - 12 years ago

    Track sounds cool man, nice work and progressions, Keep up.Thumbupaah!

    TomDark [be] - 12 years ago

    Special track, I'm not a big fan of the vocals, but I like the dreamy trip with these synths.

    Nice motivation !

    Grtz Tommy Dark

    Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

    Thanx Transynth & Tomdark!

    Bedlam [be] - 12 years ago

    HEY Rabauwski !

    Trying to get uptodate @ Ebel :D

    Nice comeback I see you havent been very electractive this year hope 2008 will be more fructious ^^

    I'm picky for metal styles and right now i'm more into the alternative kind :D

    Your technique has really improved it's impressive !

    I like the part from 2:30 alot of suspence without falling down to the boring side of suspence :D

    Great great !!!!!!!

    Happy 2008 ^^

    Rabauw [be] - 12 years ago

    hey thanks a lot Bedlam, good to see you're back!

    Well I'm afraid in 2008 Ebel will even see/hear less of me, due to my ultrabusy job. I really don't have the time anymore to produce, I don't even have the time to think of an idea. I'm trying to stay in touch with ebel but it's not easy and it's far from my priority.

    kaoz [be] - 12 years ago

    Wow, this truly is an epic! Dance n rock? Well, whatever style you call it, it's massive. I can almost smell the Viking King burning in the flames that burn the fortress!
    I have no problems with the symbals and i would suggest not to go bending that 'scottish flute' too much, it might become exaggerated.
    Next to all that i really think you should seek for some yamaha FM strings, i'm sure they would add even more massive orchestrics.

    Wasabi [be] - 11 years ago

    Nice track !!!