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DeHomunculus - like a bubble on a needle


lounge and triphop, about two of humankinds greatest inventions ever. and i combined them. well, not exactly. i just made whatever the hell i wanted to right now, and it turned out to be a little of both :D
well, obviously, i'd very much apreciate any constructive comment.

edit: i did NOT remove the reversed snares, but besides of that ots of small to bigger changes have been made (a second lead, a slightly different bass during the climax, more drums, a second bassriff, and the reversed snares have been slightly toned down.) enjoy ;)

edit: made a better outro, and some other smaller changes. may the force be with you!





SandwichGarnier [be] - 13 years ago

Very nice lazy drum ! (Should be even lazier imo)
Bass and electric piano are cool too.
Maybe add a fourth element at the end ?

SandwichGarnier [be] - 13 years ago

Goes to HD anyway !

DeHomunculus [be] - 13 years ago

thanks a lot! well, i'm looking for a fitting fourth element... as for the lazy drum, i like the combination of lazy drumsounds with rather hectic drumrolls... the piano also got a little less lowpassed upon :p i'll upload it after a few more hints are taken care of :))

Anonymous [be] - 13 years ago


Skip [be] - 13 years ago

hey,cool chill track.
I would check for the snare to be sharper qua sound.
You should add one element...like a...guitar or somtin'...
those reversed snares or brush snres...dosnt work I think,maybe try to lower the volume of some of those.
Chill track anywayzz

DeHomunculus [be] - 13 years ago

i've toned them down a slight bit just now, and added a second lead and bass at the 'climax'.
thanks :p sounds better indeed in my own opinion. mind you: it's just a slight bit ;)

Distreality [be] - 13 years ago

there's something funny about the reverse snares...
i'd replace that imho
also i think you need some tight compression on the kick caus it gets kinda lost in the mix...

check out your frequencies and play with that...

the ideas are good, but it needs a bit more mastering work i think
and indeed add a new element, maybe a trumpet here and there...

i like it, but it's not finished imho

Crausy [be] - 13 years ago

very enjoyable!

DeHomunculus [be] - 13 years ago

thanks both! i'll do my best to make it enjoyable for as many as possible, but of course it still has to remain MY song :D and since it's practically impossible to reach everyone, i won't even bother trying ;)

RVO [be] - 13 years ago

Nice track. I will download this one.

Midiot [be] - 13 years ago

snare becomes a bit anoying after a while I think but this song has some great elements in the melody and the drum as well. for some really nice snare geroffel check out Having Smarter Babies from Xploding Plastix (nr 21 on http://www.xplodingplastix.com/ where you can listen their songs)

IskaRiot [be] - 13 years ago

ideaal voor deze grijze zondag te vergeten

DeHomunculus [be] - 13 years ago

dankuwel allemaa, zozeer als alstublief voor wie het graag hoorde :D
well, i'll have a listen, there's this annoying problem with my soundcard right now... don't know all of a sudden started to act like a complete bitch, so i can't even continue the work on this track. but i'll look for perhaps an alternative, for somewhere halfway the track.

HarryPoppins [be] - 13 years ago

pretty cool ja

DeHomunculus [be] - 13 years ago

merci comrad poppinski

Rabauw [be] - 13 years ago

Bass is a bit loud.
Drums sound very lively again, almost like a real recording. You know how much I like scattered drumming, it gives a touch of intelligence to a song, cos it requires more effort to focus.

The end was less good, with the bass/piano, I mean, suddenly the bass stops, while I was really waiting for either a bass solo (you can put some more notes/bass variation at the end inbetween the piano sequences) or either a faster piano (add more 1/16s), and then have it end with just the bass once more solo and in stretch/long note.

DeHomunculus [be] - 13 years ago

not a bad idea. not bad at all :D again: thank you!

particle [be] - 13 years ago

ja ewel tis een mooike! leuk geroffel ook :)

DeHomunculus [be] - 13 years ago

dankuwel :D ik werk aan die 'solo' op het einde :D

DeHomunculus [be] - 13 years ago

second update came online. have fun with it :))

Anonymous [be] - 13 years ago

yet another one of your tunes to sit back, relax and enjoy. Great piano melody! Keep it up.

Rabauw [be] - 13 years ago

Ah, new update!
Was really curious to hear what you've done to the outro.

owla, da's wel een serieuze verbetering!
You've put a lot more notes and melody to your outro, and the final part without the bass and when the piano's solo is really sweet and thought-out well. Gooood job!

DeHomunculus [be] - 13 years ago

i just now added one final note to the bass between the two last ones :p and some soft rides and likewise splashes in the outro :D but unless i do something amazing with it now, i don't think it makes it worth a re-upload yet :))
thanks :)

Omyiga [be] - 12 years ago

kzou idd iets scherpere snare pakken,
ma voor de rest: very chillywilly
en wijs gespeeld met die cymbalen enal
so good job é

Anonymous [be] - 12 years ago

Never heard something stranger bevore

teebo [be] - 12 years ago

good song! nice beats and melo

DeHomunculus [be] - 12 years ago

thanks y'all!